With Indu Heather Eilering, Senior Yoga Teacher

20 Hours and CEU 

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This online course is based on Yoga, or union, but not the yoga we have become accustomed to in the west. It is based on the ancient eastern teachings of yoga with its roots in meditation, energy (Prana) and knowledge.  

Explore at Your Own Pace

You can work through this course at your own pace for a total of 2 months.  This gives an opportunity to set your own schedule while helping you maintain consistency with your explorations.  By choosing the "Mentoring" option you will have my support in helping you progress through the course while being able to ask questions pertinent to you.

For Yoga Practitioners and Teachers

Because of its foundation, these teachings and practices are available to any-body. *   This course has been offered to those new to practicing yoga and long-time yoga teachers.  All have reported huge benefits from the program and a transformation in their understanding of the purpose and practice of yoga.


We will use lectures designed to increase your understanding of the ancient teachings of yoga, along with practices which reveal a direct experience of your new understanding.  These practices connect you to your inner healer in order to bridge the gap between a struggling mind and a mind open to the power of unconditional love.   Learning to respond to life’s circumstances appropriately instead of reacting fearfully. 

Why Meditation in Motion?

  • Restore balance on the physical, mental, emotional and
    spiritual levels.

  • Learn to incorporate meditation and its many benefits into your
    yoga practice and life.

  • Learn how to cultivate and allow your life force energy to
    restore, recharge and guide you.

  • Learn that yoga is more than an on the mat practice. Yoga is a
    way of living life in harmony with your-Self and the world
    around you.

  • Learn the Kriya of Chita and Prana, what Swami Kripalu called
    “the highest experience of yoga” which reveals your true Self

  • Explore and understand ancient yogic scriptures.

  • Practice at home so you reinforce the habit of incorporating yoga and meditation into your every-day life.  Included are 9 progressive yoga practices*.

Investment on yourself: $199 for 20 hours


20 CEU with Yoga Alliance

Please note this course is non-refundable once you register.


  • It’s a great process to really experience the true power of Yoga. ~Susan

  • Indu [Heather] was an amazing teacher!  With her guidance, I felt free to explore and go deeper into my practice. ~Mary

  • Heather [Indu] is a bright angel who will lead you to find strength from within.  This course helped me respond to the world by being my unique self.  ~Cindy

 A message from Heather Indu with further details:

Western yoga has become popular but only addresses a small amount of what the ancient Eastern practice of yoga reveals. When you truly recognize who you are, the fear brought forth from limiting beliefs fades and true courage and trust prevails. The yogic practice of Meditation in Motion not only revealed to me who I am but continues to provide a living connection to my source of power and love.

The world can appear to be a fearful place with so many circumstances that invite you to choose fear over embracing the love that you are. My encouragement is to choose again, not based on blind faith but from an inborn recognition of the limitless Light that is your source. You may ask; how do I find this connection to my fearless source? The answer is two-fold: you can either become still, go inward and discover it on your own; or you can allow someone who has already discovered the path to guide you there. The person guiding you cannot take the journey for you, but they can provide you with a map.

My path has led me to the Lakulish Lineage which energetically reveals a source of light and love that recognizes both darkness (fear) and light (love) in a limitless Light where opposites unite instead of fight. The greatest wars are fought in the battlefield of our own minds. Lucky for us that minds can be changed!  We no longer need to live a life where the monkey mind pushes us around.  I hope you join me in discovering the limitless Light that you are!

Love and Light,

Indu Heather Eilering

*Yoga postures are not required, but the body is used in such a way to help you receive a present moment recognition. If your body does not have full function, then visualization along with feeling is utilized.


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