The Lighthouse

Let me tell you a little secret…

You are a lighthouse and the Light you carry within you, is ever present, ever brilliant, ever loving, and ever free.

Take a moment and re-read those words and feel their effect before you continue onto the next sentence.

Now, I realize it doesn’t always seem or feel that way, that you are a self-luminous Light, that’s why I am writing this. The hurts of human living still make their appearance and you still fall into their painful effects. However, the fact is you are not alone. Let me say that again


You are always loved, supported and guided. The interesting thing about free will is that you have a choice - do you want to recognize that loving Light within you or not? You have a choice to dull your ability to perceive it while choosing to perceive other things instead. The choice not to perceive it does not make it go away, doesn’t limit its brilliance, doesn’t make it love you less. However, the choice not to perceive it does lead to loneliness, fear, insecurity, depression, shame, and yes, even happiness. But this happiness is based on the world around you needing to be a very specific way in order for you to feel it.


Yet, I know because I too feel lonely at times, that the choice to focus on my feelings of separation dim my ability to perceive the Light that I am. The world is filled with uncertainty and fear. Every generation has their challenges, every person has their beliefs in how those challenges should be approached. However, when you anchor yourself in your personal beliefs, you put a wall around your heart where you cannot see the Light shining from another’s heart, and you cannot perceive your own Light.

We do this in our personal relationships; with our spouse, our family, our loved ones, and we do this on a larger scale with the rest of the world. Yet we have a guide, a source of brilliant light within us that is ever shining the way to peace. It’s all a matter of choice.

My hope is that this knowledge empowers you! Being a victim of another person, an emotion, a belief system, a culture… is very disempowering. It puts the power out in the world, so you have to fight for it in order to feel powerful. Recognizing the choice is yours has been and always will be yours to embrace and empowers you to choose to release your sense of lack so you can embrace the wholeness that you are.


You are always supported all along the way, no matter what arises. Oh I know it doesn’t always feel that way, but let the moments when you recognized the Light within you shine away the hesitation, the doubts and the fears in this present moment. If you are reading this newsletter then I know that you have felt that Light! When the past arises to haunt the present, just breathe, pause and observe what arises. You don’t need to hold onto it! It’s actually arising so you can release it, so it no longer appears to cast a shadow over the brilliant Light you are.

Now here’s the trick to really making this work. Listen closely. The more you claim your own Light and shine it freely for the whole world to see, the easier it is for you to feel its warm and loving embrace more and more often. What that means is you cannot look for “the other” to reveal it to you. You can’t demand “the other” act a certain way so that you can embrace the joy of feeling the Light that you are.

“The other” could be a person, your spouse, your children, your friends, your family, your spiritual teacher, your country’s leaders, your neighbor, even the weather... “The other” could be an unwanted emotion, feeling, sensation, thought. In order to truly be empowered in your life, you have to stop expecting the world around you, and even the mental/emotional world within you, to be a certain way for you to be happy.


Let the fears, the anger, the sadness, the confusion, the depression, the anxiety… arise, but don’t hold onto it, just watch it arise and then allow it to go. The past has taught you that everything comes into existence, stays a while, and then leaves. The good and the bad. So, if you find yourself immersed in the bad, remember, it too has an end. However, if you resist it, you are giving power to it, instead of yourself, and you are even fueling it with your resistance. It’s like throwing gasoline on a fire.

When you simply allow it to be there for whatever time it needs, just observe it, you are giving it permission to be and then go. You are empowering yourself, which clears the way to recognize the ever-present loving support within you and around you. Letting it go doesn’t mean it will disappear immediately. Letting it go means you will not judge its presence. Judgment only fuels the belief in its power over you. Letting it be, fuels the recognition that you are whole right now, despite the memories triggered from a past that is not happening now.


But please do not believe me! Try it out for yourself! Rest into the loving embrace of the Light within you, recognize your safety comes from there. Allow the thoughts, the emotions, the sensations to be guests in your home. Remain anchored in the loving support of the Light within you so that you can treat these guests with love instead of fear. Be the Light for all these guests whether they be internal mental/emotional/physical manifestations or external reflections that show up in the faces of those people you meet in the world.

This is the path to wholeness and to unconditional love. The more you embrace it, the more clearly the loving Light that you are shines through. You are a Lighthouse with a limitless source of brilliant Light. It is up to you to see, feel and embrace your Light. As you embrace the Light more and more in yoursel