Exploring the Yogic Scriptures as a Way of Life 

With Indu Heather Arena, Senior Yoga Teacher

CEU 27.5 hrs. 

Self-Paced Mentored Course


Have you ever read a beautiful quote and felt inspired? 

Would you like to understand how to live more fully in those feelings of inspiration?  

Inspiring quotes come from the writers profound understanding of the Truth behind the words.   The reason the words are so powerful is because this Truth quite literally changes their life.  This course is designed to help you have a life changing experience through the direct realization of the Truth through the study and exploration of Ancient Yogic and Eastern Scripture.  This exploration facilitates a profound shift in understanding about yourself and the world around you so that you can live from an inspired perspective of peace, joy, and Love.


This self-paced mentored course consists of: 

  • Twelve comprehensive educational videos about the scriptures.   

  • Seven guided meditations. 

  • Three Yoga and pranayama practices. 

  • A comprehensive 77-page manual with questions for further contemplation and exploration. 

  • Six live, 30-minute mentoring sessions with an expert who will check on your progress, provide clarification on what you are learning, and answer questions. 

Scriptural Foundations

This course is a comprehensive guide into the ancient scriptures with its foundation in Tantra Yoga while following the 8 Limbs of Yoga from Patanjali as its framework and simultaneously weaving in other scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Mandukya Upanishad, and sages wisdom to help facilitate a fresh and unique exploration into the depths of yogic wisdom in your life.  Many philosophies are explored to reveal to you one unified Truth.

Explore at Your Own Pace

You may move through this course at your own pace for 24 weeks.  This gives you an opportunity to set your own schedule while helping you maintain consistency with your exploration.  We recommend completing an educational video a week.  That means it would take you 12 weeks to complete the course.  There may be such a deepening of exploration that you feel inspired to stay with one section longer than a week.  We encourage you to take extra time with your exploration, however not so much that you lose the momentum of moving forward in the course.  

When do I meet with my Mentor? 

You will have six meetings with your mentor.  It is up to you to schedule those meetings.  We suggest you take notes during your exploration of the course, write down questions and then approximately every two videos reach out to schedule a meeting.  However, it is best if you follow your own instinct if guided to reach out sooner or later than that. 

Register now and let the investigation into the 

intriguing world of the Scriptures begin! 


Don’t hesitate to message us if you have questions. 

Investment on yourself: $359.99 which includes six mentoring sessions with Heather/Indu to ask questions and refine your understanding.  Course is non-refundable once purchased.

Approximate hour breakdown:

  • Total Hours: 27.5 

  • Total Video Hours: 9.5 

  • Total Live Mentoring Hours: 6 

  • Total Study Hours Approximately: 12  


Yoga at Home

Your knowledge, wisdom, and shared experience has deepened my understanding and strengthened my ability to bring yoga into my whole life.  It has been amazing and I feel like I’ve grown so much into who I already was but didn’t know!  Thank you so very much. I have treasured doing this course. ~S.C.