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Living A Life of Ease

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

If you continue to do what you have always done you will continue to get what you have always had!  Do you find yourself wanting to set new and inspiring goals and intentions for 2020? Do you want a life filled with health, abundance, love, joy, peace, and adventure?  If you do not have those things right now, then you must try something different! If you are anything like me, I’m pretty sure you have tried a variety of things to “change” in the past!  

I spent the first portion of my life chasing my dreams, and achieved many of them. Yet there was still a felt sense that I didn’t really have what I was looking for…  So, I continued to chase after the dream job, the perfect relationships, a great place to live, fun vacations, a healthy body and mind… you get the picture. Even after finding yoga and meditation, those old callings and searching for life to be just the way I wanted still crept in.  If I found myself depressed, angry or sad, I had to do something to fix it, to make myself better. Isn’t that the human way to evolve? Western society/culture would tell us Yes: do more, be more. However, through a deeper study of Yoga/Meditation, that statement began to flip itself over.  Be more and more will come to me. 

 Let me tell you how that practically started showing up for me because the question may arise in your mind, “If I am just Being, how do I get anything done?”  I mean, I do have to pay the bills and get myself to work and feed the kids, right?  I remember one day about 5 years ago, I was at work and I was completely overwhelmed with what I needed to accomplish that day at the office, and then after work at home.  My mind was filled with thoughts about how I had to get this done and that done and this needed to happen first… and everything I did that day took me a long time to complete. I was crabby doing it all and I was completely stressed out.  Oddly enough, that was when I was working at a Yoga school! Ironic isn’t it 

So, why?  I asked myself – Why was someone, a yoga teacher no less, getting caught up in that whirlwind despite having a regular Yoga/Meditation practice?  Because I was living, and accomplishing, for the wrong reasons! I was doing my practice to “fix myself” and my life. Of course, I still received many of the amazing benefits of Yoga/Meditation.  But it wasn’t until I completely shifted my purpose for practicing Yoga/Meditation that my life began to flow with more EASE. A more Effortless, Automatic, Spontaneous Experience!  My inspired mental shift became instead of trying to go “out there” and “fix myself” and the world to be the way I wanted it to be, I went “in here” with absolutely no expectations and simply choose to Be what I was doing it for.  I was doing it for peace, joy, love, and happiness.  I stopped trying to “do it”, “make it happen”, and simply rested “as It”, completely at peace.  There wasn’t anything I needed to fix in myself or the world!  I simply needed to recognize the perfection that exists right here in this precious moment of existence!  When I did that, then there was a felt sense of gratitude and I was at EASE which allowed the correct next action to come to me effortlessly.

When I began living my life from this altered perspective, I found myself facing the same busy days but with such a relaxed attitude that everything would get done, and then some, and it would happen in such a way that I was relaxed and enjoying the process.  In style of yoga I teach, we call this Meditation in Motion. That is when the stillness and peace of Meditation naturally transfers to movement, whether it be yoga poses or a work day.

When I approach my day, my life, by Being what I am doing it for (that is peaceful), instead of doing it to get it done), I watch as life flows naturally and more of the things I have always desired begin coming to me without me having to make it happen.  It has been a beautiful shift from making it happen, to letting it happen.  And what happens is exactly what I need.  For example, writing this newsletter. I had not been inspired to write my quarterly newsletter all last month because a topic simply wasn’t coming to me.  Today, I felt it was the right moment. I sat down and what needed to come out appeared without me even knowing what I would be writing about. With some help from my master editor, AKA Mom here it is!  What a joyful process it has been, and now I get to send you something that came from the very depths of my heart and soul.

Whether you want a healthier body, calmer mind/emotions, more adventure in life, improved relationships… if you continue to approach these things the same way you always have, which is perfectly normal because it is what you know, then you will continue to get the same result.  A new approach is to learn to be present which will facilitate relaxation, which in turn will allow you to be open to new ways of approaching your life, primarily from a place of EASE and naturalness, the place where the things that need to happen will happen in a much easier and peaceful way.Below I have provided many resources to support you in this process of letting go of “doing” to get something, because you will keep getting what you have always gotten, and make a shift to Being, in order to move through life in EASE.  Your understanding and intention for the practice is what counts. 

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