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Forget the Trends, Follow Your Energy, and Create Your Perfect Practice


Focused Mind

Explore the Yoga of Energy & Meditation

Turn your yoga practice and life into a

Moving Meditation

Learn More

Yoga Just for You

Let us Reveal the Essence of Yoga to you.

Three progressive online courses

Explore On Your Time, On Any Device

Live Mentoring Option with Senior Yoga Trainer

"Indu" Heather Arena

Educational & Explorational Videos

Discover YourSelf with Contemplative Questions 

A Comprehensive Manual!

CEU's with Yoga Alliance
APD's with IAYT

Discover a New Approach to Yoga

Learn ancient Yogic secrets with a modern approach.

Available to all levels.

Gyan Mudra




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Metergy© unites Meditation & Energy with a foundation in ancient Eastern Yogic philosophy.

The Metergy Series

Your three Course series to RESTORE, NURTURE, & DISCOVER the Yoga of Energy & Meditation.

Warrior Two

Get in touch with your Inner Self!

These online courses are based on Yoga or union, but not the Yoga we have become accustomed to in the West. They are based on the ancient Eastern teachings of Yoga, rooted in meditation, energy (Prana), and knowledge.  Learn to connect with your body's innate intuitive wisdom through specific yogic tools and techniques.  These programs are designed to help you relax deeply into your bodily experience, leading to a meditative state. As you practice, you learn to take Yoga off the mat with you and effortlessly live your life as a Meditation in Motion, following your body's natural intuitive wisdom. Register now to begin receiving all the benefits of a Metergy practice!

Foundational Course 1
Yoga Class
The Yoga of Energy

Free your energy, transform your life!

Explore the ancient science of yoga from a new perspective!  Learn to feel the innate energetic intelligence of Prana within your own body.  This energy is an inborn gift that restores balance and harmony when freed to do so.  Learn techniques to awaken and optimize your Pranic connection.​ For new students, yoga teachers, and any-body! 4.5 video hours.

Beach Meditation
Intro to Meditation in Motion

Learn the Three Keys to Awakening Intuition

Learn ancient yogic secrets, tools, and techniques to clear your mind, balance your body, harmonize your emotions, and connect you with Spirit. The profound yogic teachings & experiences in this course will reveal to you a new way of interacting with yourself, others and the world. Turing your life into a Meditation in Motion! 20 hours of video & 2 hours of mentoring.

Exploring the Yoga Scriptures

Self-Paced & Mentored

Take a guided journey through the yogic Scriptures.  The knowledge gained through exploring the scriptures transforms your understanding of the practical and spiritual purposes of yoga.  This interactive self-paced course will take you on a comprehensive journey through the scriptures including a 70-page manual. 9.5 hours of video and 2 hours of mentoring.

Courses 2 & 3
Taken in any order.
Yoga at Home


Your knowledge, wisdom, &  shared experience has deepened my understanding & strengthened my ability to bring yoga into my whole life.  ~S.C.

Indu [Heather] was an amazing teacher!  With her guidance, I felt free to explore and go deeper into my practice. ~Mary

If you think you know everything about yoga, take this course! In many ways the concepts are so different from today's asana practices, and can enhance any type of meditation practice that a person may already have. If you are looking for a deep, meditative, restorative way to reset how you show up in the world, this is a course to try. ~Sally

I want to take this moment to thank you sincerely and deeply for your beautiful energetic presence, which effortlessly surpassed digital restrictions, and connected so naturally and automatically with my own energy.  The transmission of encouragement, stillness and peace, was almost palpable and was lovingly delivered with a contagious inner light and joy.  ~Tony


Unlock Yogic understanding with this 15-minute experience.

Learn the "highest experience of yoga" according to Swami Kripalu.

Discover the mystery of yoga and receive its benefits in your life!

The Kriya of Chitta and Prana

The Kriya of Chitta and Prana

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Heather Indu Arena, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT, ALC                     


As a senior yoga trainer for the Lakulish lineage Heather offers a unique and powerful experience of yoga anchored in Eastern philosophy. Living at an ashram offered her a deeper wisdom about the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual uses of yoga to facilitate transformation and balance in life. Clients describe Heather as a joyful and compassionate revealer of yoga. She trains teachers in an 800-hour Yoga Therapy Professional Program. Also an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, she works with groups and individual clients in person, remotely, and via online programs to spread the light of yoga in the world.  

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