Cleanse Programs - Home Based

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This 12-week Cleanse Program will address all aspects of your life as a human being.  You will have weekly live support with wellness practitioner Heather Indu Arena to address imbalances, release what is no longer serving you and claim your health and vitality. 

Do you want to:

  • Strengthen your immune system?

  • Release daily stress, depression, anxiety?

  • Discover how to adapt to life’s changes?

  • Build bridges in your relationships?

  • Liberate yourself from unhealthy habits?

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This home cleansing program provides you a clear path to cleanse at home safely and effectively through diet and other Ayurvedic based practices.  Keeping the body balanced and healthy gives you an opportunity to embrace more fully all parts of your life!  Cleansing the body of toxins leads to a clearer mind and balanced emotions. 

Benefits of Cleansing:

  • Strengthen your immune system

  • Improve your digestive health

  • Release toxins from the body and mind

  • Boost your energy

  • Liberate yourself from food cravings

  • Enhance mental and emotional health

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Online Retreats


An online retreat designed to introduce you to the core concepts of Eastern Yoga. You will be taken on a journey to discover your true potential and radiance.  This program is interactive and combines discussion meant to support your understanding of yogic philosophy with experiences that are accessible to any-body.  The combination of the knowledge provided with your own experiences help you discover for yourself the true brilliance and power of Yoga/Union.   

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Together we will co-create a lifestyle plan that will support harmony in your health, vitality and satisfaction with your life. Your transformation begins with an in-depth interview about your health, physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual goals. Through self-investigation and exploration a personalized Lifestyle Plan is created empowering you to live a balanced, healthy, vital & fulfilling life. 

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I may utilize the ancient sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga to guide you to lifestyle considerations such as diet, herbs, exercise, body therapy, breath, meditation and yoga.

Investment in Yourself

Initial Consultation 1 hour: $110

Follow Up

30 min: $40

45 min: $55

Special First Time Clients Bundle: $195 for Initial Consult and 3, 30 minute follow up Consults   

Individual Therapeutic Services


Learn powerful tools and techniques to help you navigate a life of purpose and freedom from your limitless potential.  You may participate in these services individually or as a 12-Week Cleansing program.

Customize Your Journey

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Immerse Yourself in a 12-Week Cleansing Journey that will leave you refreshed and ready for what comes next in life!

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