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An online retreat designed to introduce you to the core concepts of Eastern Yoga. You will be taken on a journey to discover your true potential and radiance.  This program is interactive and combines discussion meant to support your understanding of yogic philosophy with experiences that are accessible to any-body.  The combination of the knowledge provided with your own experiences help you discover for yourself the true brilliance and power of Yoga/Union.   

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Together we will co-create a lifestyle plan that will support harmony in your health, vitality and satisfaction with your life. Your transformation begins with an in-depth interview about your health, physical, mental, emotional, and Spiritual goals. Through self-investigation and exploration a personalized Lifestyle Plan is created empowering you to live a balanced, healthy, vital & fulfilling life. 

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I may utilize the ancient sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga to guide you to lifestyle considerations such as diet, herbs, exercise, body therapy, breath, meditation and yoga.

Investment in Yourself: $125

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