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11-Step Healing Elements Restorative Wellness Program

Reclaim Your Health, Vitality, & Direction

with our Self-Paced Mentored Physical, Mental, & Emotional Cleanse

Heal Naturally

Immunity & Balancing the Body

Mental/Emotional Wellbeing

Uplift Your Spirit

Do you want to

  • Strengthen your immune system?

  • Release daily stress, depression, anxiety, and their negative effects on your life?

  • Discover how to adapt to life’s changes?

  • Build bridges in your relationships?

  • Restore a clear path moving forward in your life?

  • Liberate yourself from unhealthy habits?

  • Take Charge of your life?

This is a SELF-PACED process just for you!
The Healing Elements 11-Step Restorative Program is designed to help you
restore balance & harmony in your body, mind, and emotions.

Each step includes, educational videos, home exploration, and live mentoring with wellness expert Heather Indu Arena to address imbalances, release what is no longer serving you, and claim your health and vitality. 

This Program Includes:

  • Weekly live meetings with Heather

  • Informational videos for your education, contemplation, and understanding

  • Home-based detoxifying protocol to address and release afflicted areas

  • A loving and compassionate approach to liberate you from what no longer serves you

  • Reclaiming your inspiration to live in balance and joy


In order to maintain harmony, all of your life expressions must be in balance. 

If any one part of you is lacking it slowly takes away from the other parts.  That’s why this program is designed to gently and compassionately explore all aspects that make up who you are. 

This helps you to restore, rejuvenate, and enliven your life.


Why Make This Investment? 

We all flourish when we have the added support of someone encouraging us to take charge and build a life based on a strong foundation of wellness and vitality. 


Having regular meetings with Heather will help inspire you to make the desired and needed changes in your life while maintaining the parts of your life that are already thriving.  It can be a difficult process to let go of long-standing ways of interacting with yourself and the world.  This 11-step commitment between us is designed to give you the stability and support you need to live a healthy, vital, and fulfilling life from your authentic Self.


Course Overview

Reclaim your health, purpose, & vitality!

Step 1: Discovering Your Passion

Step 2: Revealing Your Intention with Meditation

Step 3: Restoring Balance through Breath

Step 4: Food as Medicine - An Introduction to the Science of Ayurveda

Step 5: The Triple A’s for Emotional Integration

Step 6: Revitalizing the Body Through Exercise

Step 7: Removing Obstacles

Step 8: Embracing the Edge

Step 9: Being What You Are Doing It For

Steps 10: Reestablishing Balance in the Body Through Diet

Step 11: Taking Your Transformation Into Life


Investment in Yourself: $1149.00



I signed up for the cleanse while beginning a life transition for support in letting go of the past and embracing coming changes.  Heather Indu Arena is wise, spiritually mature, and embodies a calming, sturdy, and loving presence. She possesses the deep knowledge, unwavering kindness, and humor needed to serve as a trusted guide during this powerful life-changing journey. The transformative process of the cleanse produced positive shifts in many areas of my life. By redesigning the way I relate to my own body and food, clothes I haven’t worn in years now look good on me.  And I continue to lose inches even after the cleanse ended. My creative pursuits took on a new lightness and joy, while all kinds of doors and opportunities began to appear. After first developing true compassion for myself, my relationships are now flourishing—as I’ve begun to share my heart in new ways with others. Approaching my life with the strengthened understanding that I truly matter and by actively prioritizing my physical, mental and spiritual health means that I now have a strong foundation from which to give to everyone and everything else in my life.  Heather Indu Arena was always readily available when I needed her and believed in me throughout. I have tremendous respect and trust in her mentorship and will absolutely continue to work with her in the years ahead. I will also return to the tools I gained during the cleanse again and again with deep gratitude and respect for her teachings. Honestly,

the huge results and sense of renewal far exceed any five-star vacation I ever dreamed of!

~ Suzanne C.




Heather Indu Arena


Wellness Practitioner

Senior Yoga Trainer, Ayurvedic Consultant, Yoga Therapist, Integral Breath Therapist

For over 20 years I have been supporting my students and clients in their quest to live healthy, vital, and fulfilling lives and in that process discover who they are. It is a true joy to assist my students and clients relax so deeply that personal transformation unfolds naturally and compassionately.

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