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Awaken Your Inner Healer

A Journey Through the Koshas

With Heather Indu Arena 

Thursdays, 11-12:30 pm ET May 25 – June 29 

Live or On-Demand 

CEU's Available

Discover your innate healing potential by understanding the layers of Being. You will learn specific Eastern technologies, theories, and techniques to help you release mental, physical, and emotional strain to energetically and enthusiastically engage in life. 

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Each class will take you on a progressive healing journey through the yogic bodies, or Koshas. We will use breathwork, meditation, yoga nidra, diet, exercise, and other yogic techniques to clear mental, emotional, and physical restrictions.  

  • Release Mental and Emotional Stress 

  • Strengthen Immunity 

  • Feel Good in the Body 

  • Gain Mental Clarity

  • Discover Spiritual Purpose  

Each class will be a combination of lecture and experience that will empower you to:


  • Discover ancient Eastern technologies presented in a modern relatable way. 

  • Explore how these tools and techniques can help transform your life.

  • Experience yourself completely new, free from limiting beliefs and habitual ways of interacting in the world. 


All yogic techniques used are accessible to everyone regardless of age or physical agility.  

Yoga Alliance CEU’s: 9 Hours 

Can't attend live? Not a problem!

You will have access to the recording after each live session.

Sunrise Tour

Week 1: Introductions and Overview of the Koshas 

Week 2: Restore the Physical Body 

Week 3: Vitalize the Energy Body 

Week 4: Clear, Calm, and Focus the Mind 

Week 5: Awaken Inner Wisdom  

Week 6: Discover Joy 

We all have a light within us. When you are present and at peace that light shines brightly in the world. When you are under stress, scattered, or contracted physically, mentally, or emotionally, that light is hard to see. It’s not that the light is not there and shining bright, but you are covering it with thoughts about the past and imagining a future that hasn’t happened while completely missing the now! When you are filled full in the present moment you are fulfilled. When you are fulfilled, you feel joyful and at peace. When you feel joyful and at peace the whole world and all of life is your playground and you share your brilliant light with those around you. 

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