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The  Triple A’s©


Awaken your own healing potential!

The Triple A’s are a progressive way of intentionally working through physical, mental, and emotional stress.   
Discover how to release and integrate conflicting thoughts, emotions, and physical pain.
Reclaim your Vitality!

Benefits of the Triple A's

Release Stress

And its negative effects on you. Up to 90% of disease is caused by stress.

Appreciate Your Body

You are beautiful!

Clear Your Mind

Free yourself from unhealthy thought patterns.

Fulfill Your Potential

Live each moment to the fullest, clear and engaged.

Process Emotions

Feel and integrate your emotions in a healthy way.

Reduce Pain

Learn to release painful patterns in the body.

Triple A's.png
The Triple A's reveal how to transcend limiting thoughts, emotions, and beliefs to remain steadily grounded in an experience of inner peace.
Although modern in approach, the Triple A’s are based on time-tested ancient wisdom with therapeutic applications. 

Let Your Healing Journey Begin with
The Triple A's Online Course
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Only $24.99

Why the Triple A's Work

Here's a sneak peek into the course.
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The Triple A's provide a systematic approach to process and integrate unwanted physical, mental, and emotional stress. They offer a way of consciously engaging in your life where you can feel a moment-by-moment connection to yourself, others, and the world around you. Consider how you feel when you are connected. Feeling connected leads to inner peace, harmony, and joy because there is nothing to resolve or fight against. 


As you begin to understand the Triple A's and how to use them, the way you process stress in the moment and after the stress event will begin to change. This is because the Triple A's train your brain to focus on present-moment recognition and resolution instead of conflict. What you believe about yourself and the world will also begin to shift as you reinforce the felt sense of immediate connection.


What's Included in the Course?

Step by Step Instructions

How to use the A's to process and integrate thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations.


Materials to guide you through your course and life.

Educational Videos

1) Understanding Habits

2) Using the Triple A's.

Explore on Your Time

Use any device to access your course.

4 Guided Experiences

Receive the benefit of being guided through the A's in processing real-life situations.

Contemplative Exercises

Release limiting beliefs and discover yourself.


Let Your Healing Journey Begin with
The Triple A's Online Course
Click to Register
Only $24.99


Stay tuned for my book:
Embracing Self With the Triple A's

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