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Discover the Yoga of Energy 

Say Goodbye to "Should Try Yoga" & Discover How This Ancient Practice Can Set You Free (Really!)
Gyan Mudra
“It’s not yoga if it doesn’t change your life!” ~Amritji 

This course offers you tools and techniques that will transform your approach and practice of yoga!

Yoga Teachers, want new tools to help you stand out in an oversaturated industry?
Yoga Practitioners, learn new techniques to layer into your own yoga practice. 
New to Yoga? discover authentic ancient yogic knowledge & techniques. 

Add a new dimension to your practice!


All experience levels are welcome! 

4.5 CEU hours with Yoga Alliance & APD with IAYT

Self-Paced Course - 9 Videos 

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Yoga is a powerful transformative force for life mastery. 

This course includes deep philosophical teachings of Yoga presented in an applicable and relatable way, combined with Yoga experiences that allow these insights to be deeply absorbed so you effortlessly use them in your life.  

Hatha Class_edited.jpg
  • Gain a new perspective about the Edge on the mat and in your life 

  • Learn the physics of energy from a yogic perspective 

  • Reinforce a home-based yoga/meditation practice 

  • Incorporate both Hatha & Raja yoga into your practice with the 1st & 2nd halves of the pose 

  • Discover optimal alignment through the power of Grounding Points and Energetic Extensions 

  • Cultivate the ability to be in Witness, the key to unlocking the secrets of ancient yoga 

Understand the transformative power of energy or Prana!  

Learn how to cultivate and utilize Prana on the mat by getting into greater touch with your ability to relax and feel while engaging in yoga postures that are accessible to any body.  

As you cultivate your ability to feel Prana while practicing on the mat you will naturally begin to feel this energy in your everyday life, guiding and supporting you on all levels.

Be empowered to reveal these profound yogic secrets!

Investment in Yourself: $49.99

This includes 9 videos, course materials, and questions for contemplation to help you integrate what you are learning.  This Course is non-refundable once purchased.


"It is a simple and heartfelt way to unite mind, body, & spirit." ~ Rudelph O.

"This is an in-depth approach to understanding the energy.  Heather is thorough and informative in sharing her gifts.  A wonderful tool to include in your yoga practice and also in teaching." ~C.R.

"Love the course!  It reminded me to take more time for my own practice.  The more I fill my cup, the more I can have in my toolbox."   ~ Misty C. Yoga Teacher

"If you are ready to experience your yoga postures as energy this is the course for you.  You will have the opportunity to feel sensations deeply so you can experience yourself as Prana and the endless unfolding love and balance of the universe."

 ~ Adrienne White (Yoga Studio Owner)

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The second two courses which can be taken in any order are:


Heather Indu Arena, E-RYT 500, C-IAYT                             

As a senior yoga trainer for the Lakulish lineage Heather offers a unique and powerful experience of yoga anchored in Eastern philosophy. Living at an ashram offered her a deeper wisdom about the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual uses of yoga to facilitate transformation and balance in life. Clients describe Heather as a joyful and compassionate revealer of yoga. She trains teachers in an 800-hour Yoga Therapy Professional Program. Also an Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, she works with groups and individual clients in person, remotely, and via online programs to spread the light of yoga in the world.  

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