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The  Triple A’s©

The triple A’s are a revolutionary way of consciously working through physical, mental, and emotional stress, including conflicting thoughts and emotions, in order to view yourself, the world, and others from a wholistic perspective of peace and love rather than conflict and fear.  The process is to Acknowledge, Accept and AllowAcknowledge the situation as it is.  Accept the moment fully so you can Allow for appropriate actions based on wisdom, not habitual reactions.  Although modern in approach, the Triple A’s are based on time-tested ancient wisdom with a Therapeutic Yoga approach. 



Acknowledging means being aware of what is happening in any given moment.  Acknowledging the situation as you see it and as it truly is.  This includes your environment, mental, emotional and physical state during the event.

  • Acknowledge your story (beliefs about the event) without editing it, stuffing or denying thoughts or emotions.

  • Acknowledge what you are thinking/feeling even if the mind judges it as bad or wrong.

  • Being completely honest with yourself is so important!  Releasing your judgments about the thoughts and emotions that arise is integral to letting them go, in order to come to peace.

  • The important part to remember is that the thoughts and emotions are not you, they are an interpretation of what is happening based on your past experiences. 

  • You are the one acknowledging the thoughts/emotions.

  • Acknowledge the thoughts/emotions as they arise while recognizing they are coming from your past. 

  • This then sets you up as the one acknowledging the present moment as opposed to resisting or running from it.  Which ultimately frees you from past suffering and creates an opening for a different experience around the situation and future similar situations.




Accepting means to see the situation for what it is as opposed to your story about it. 

When you accept something truly, you see it as it is rather than how your past conditioning tells you.  This then allows for true vision in any situation rather than personalized opinion.  Acceptance does not mean giving up, it means recognizing what is happening now without your past influencing your present so that you can make a free choice moving forward.

  • Accept the thoughts and emotions you have about the situation, remembering the thoughts are not you, they are ideas associated with past experiences, not the present moment.

  • One key to accepting is peeling back the labels and shifting from the thoughts and emotions to what is happening in the present moment.  The best way to do that is to breathe and feel what is happening in your body right now. 

  • Every thought and emotion has a physical effect on the body.  By peeling off the labels and shifting from thoughts/emotions to sensations you are using your own will power to accept what is happening in the present moment which results from past memories.

  • When a thought/emotion is fully felt in the body in the form of a sensation without the labels, there is an opportunity to release the original pain associated with the past event/situation.

  • This happens through the process of being in complete acceptance of what manifests for you without judgment of right or wrong.  This includes observing what arises in the form of thoughts\emotions, and then removing the labels to feel the associated physical sensations.  Once again, feeling without labeling what you are feeling.

  • You have now released your mind from past pain and fear.  This frees you to experience life in a completely new way which is no longer associated with a past memory that has already gone by, and over time became progressively distorted.




Allowing is a non-step step and will happen naturally and effortlessly as a result of Acknowledging and Accepting.

  • Allow the moment to show up exactly as it is.

  • Do not try to change or control the moment.

  • As you stay present to what’s happening you begin to release the mind from its pre-programmed habitual ways of dealing with life.  This creates an opening for your inner wisdom to guide you.

  • In order to access this inner wisdom, you must step back from the mind, emotions and ultimately the sensations.  It’s as if you are rising above the body/mind more and more to a sense of an expansive openness where there is no need to change or make anything happen.

  • Here you naturally Allow yourself to be guided to making the appropriate actions for the present moment from a place of inner wisdom instead of past conditioned reactions based on fears and attachments.

Practice with a Guided Experience













  • Acknowledge your story about a situation/event/person, thoughts and emotions around a situation in your life or a painful body part.  Replay the situation in the mind in detail.   Including the environment you were in, accompanying thoughts, emotions and physical sensations in the body.  Really get into replaying what you remember.

  • Acknowledge “how do I feel?”  No denial or stuffing of feelings, let yourself experience it all, knowing you are safe right now.

  • Let the story build and arise fully in your imagination but observe it instead of being carried away by it.  This observing instead of judging is key to acknowledging.

  • Fully observe the story instead of being drawn into it.  Watch it as if you were watching a movie.




  • Accept what you are feeling and observing.

  • Do this by breathing with the feelings.

  • The breath is a bridge between the body and mind.  When you take slow and steady breaths this physically relaxes the body which will help to calm the mind.

  • Give yourself permission to feel the sensations of the body.

  • Notice where the story manifests in your body as physical sensation.

  • Release the mental/emotional labels. 

  • Create space for the sensations by conscious observation and steady breaths.

  • Stay focused on feeling what there is to feel as you shift away from the thoughts into the body.

  • Actually be interested and inquisitive about the sensations you are feeling instead of judging them as good or bad

  • Be in complete acceptance of what manifests for you without judgment of right or wrong, continue to simply observe what arises.  Accepting what you are feeling now without Judgement frees you from your conditioned habitual past and ultimately allows you to experience your life in a new and joyful way.




  • Stay present and be curious about the sensations in your body.

  • Allow all the energies (in the form of thoughts, emotions and sensations) to integrate by relaxing fully and releasing control and resistance. 

  • Relax behind the sensations by allowing for more and more space between you and what you are observing in the body.

  • Allow for deep relaxation where the mind becomes naturally calm so there is space for a new experience to arise.

About the Triple A's

Understanding Habit and Why the A's Help

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