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Integrative Meditation & Energy Embodiment Techniques

Unleash Your Potential &
Meet Your Brilliance

iMEET are body, meditation, and breath-based techniques that aid in the release, integration, and redistribution of blocked mental, emotional, and physical energies. 

What is iMEET?


Empower Your Life

Create Healthy New Habits with Daily Techniques


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Join the Healing Elements community and gain access to invaluable media, articles, visualizations, guided meditations, sound frequency therapy, mindfulness, and contemplative exercises for daily practice and reflection.

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Stress is an Epidemic

Stressed Woman

Negative stress has become a major public health concern worldwide. It is a significant factor impacting our physical and mental well-being.

According to the NIH and APA, here is only a small list of the negative effects of stress.

•    Depression & Anxiety
•    Sleep disorders
•    Headaches
•    Digestive disorders
•    Sexual dysfunction
•    Heart Disease
•    High Blood Pressure

The Solution

Integrative Meditation & Energy Embodiment Techniques


When you are grounded and connected with your body in the present moment, you stop worrying about the future and dwelling on the past. This allows you to naturally release trapped stress from the body and mind freeing you to stop reliving past traumas or future anxieties.  

Girl in Daisies Field

Energy & Meditation

Quantum Mechanics describes the world in terms of energy moving so quickly that things appear to be solid. When you consider the human body from this viewpoint, the possibilities for "healing" are endless. Since the observer affects how the energy interacts, you can learn how to observe your body's energy from a neutral perspective, meditation, and let it reestablish the natural order that is the gift of the universe's creation.

Be Free!

It’s time for you to live in the power of the present moment, where the trauma, fear, guilt, shame, and blame of the past no longer haunt you. 


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The Power of
Energetic Transmission

The human voice carries more than just words. It vibrates at specific energetic frequencies that can have a profound impact on our physical, mental, emotional, and energetic states.

Why Choose a Guide Who Transmits Energy?

While guided experiences can be helpful in any form, finding a guide who understands and utilizes energetic transmission will greatly elevate your experience. It can be the difference between simply hearing instructions or embodying them. In essence, the voice becomes a bridge between the instructor's intention and the participant's experience.

Your iMEET guide, Heather Indu Arena, has undergone a transformative process that allows her to act as a conduit for powerful, calming energy, which she continues to cultivate in her life through her own practice.

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