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The way you think and what you believe may be limiting your ability to recognize your limitless potential.  These programs are designed to help you

Realize your limitless potential

Mentoring Option Includes: A live Zoom consultation with Heather as well as the pre-recorded videos.
Video Only Option Includes: Pre-recorded education videos covering the topic of discussion.

Discovering Your Passion

Mentoring Option: $100    

Mentoring: Together we will co-create a lifestyle plan that will support harmony in your health, vitality and satisfaction with your life. When you understand what is working and not working in your life it provides a clear direction.  Talking it out with someone helps you better understand where your balances and imbalances lay.  Through self-investigation and exploration a personalized Lifestyle Plan is created empowering you to live a balanced, healthy, vital & fulfilling life.

Video:  How We Cleanse ~

Revealing Your Intention with Meditation

Mentoring Option: $100    

Mentoring: Together we will discover an intention to help guide your life in a direction that inspires you.  I will then facilitate you in a guided meditation using the ancient technique of Yoga Nidra.  You will relax deeply below the minds business where you will be guided to implant the seed of your intention.  As you progressively enter into deeper levels of Yoga Nidra you become more relaxed, integrated, expansive and present.  These experiences will then be taken into your everyday life. 

Video:  Discovering Your Intention & Using it with Yoga Nidra ~


Restoring Balance Through Breath

Mentoring Option: $100    

Mentoring: The breath not only sustains life but is also responsible for releasing approximately 75% of toxins in the body.  Improper breathing causes physical tension in the body as well as mental and emotional tension.  You will be guided through a breath scan to see how you are breathing and supported in learning a breathing technique to reset unbalancing breath patterns to restore harmony physically, mentally and emotionally.

Video 1: You will be guided through a breath scan to determine imbalances in the body.                     


Video 2: You will be guided through a Restorative Breathing Meditation to reestablish balance.



Food as Medicine through the Science of Ayurveda

Mentoring Option: $110    

Mentoring: Learn the proper food for your unique constitution.   Your consultation will begin by determining your constitution.  You will be provided  with education about how to eat for your constitution in order to maintain health and balance.  Specific Ayurvedic protocol will be provided to support a healthy diet and healthy life.

Videos 1: What is Ayurveda ~

Videos 2: Understanding Ama & Agni (only available to those choosing mentoring option) 

Videos 3: Conscious Eating Exercise ~


The Triple A's For Emotional Integration

Mentoring Option: $100    

Mentoring: The Triple A's provides you a simple yet powerful way of integrating physical, mental, and emotional upsets and stress.  I will guide you through determining a situation in your life that you feel needs healing.  I will then guide you through the process of using the Triple A's to relax and release what is no longer serving you so you can receive what you need.

Videos 1: What is Habit and How Does it Affect my Life? ~

Videos 2: The Triple A's ~

Videos 3: The Triple A Guided Meditation for Emotional Integration 


An Ayurvedic Approach to Exercise

Video Only Option

Video 1: Exercise for your Dosha ~

Video 2: Thirty-Minute Tridoshic Yoga Practice (Available to those taking the 12-Week Cleanse)


Removing Obstacles with Breath

Mentoring Option: $100    

Mentoring: I will guide you through the "Linking Technique" to determine the origin of mental/emotional obstacles which are preventing you from living a life of personal freedom.  When you understand the origin of the obstacle it helps you to release unhealthy habitual behavior that is being driven by this past event.  I will then guide you in using the breath to release and integrate these obstacles. 

Prerequisite: Restoring Balance Through Breath

Video 1:  Discovering the Origin of Belief Systems ~

Video 2:  Breathing Away Obstacles (Available to Mentoring Clients Only)


Embracing the Edge

Mentoring Option: $60    

Mentoring: The Edge is a very misunderstood aspect of Yoga.  We will explore how the two types of edges: physical and mental/emotional show up in your life, and if you practice, on the yoga mat.  You will be provided tools and techniques to help you recognize when you are on the edge or past the edge.  These tools will empower you to relax so you can move through the edges that show up in your life with EASE instead of force.  

Video:  What is the Edge and How do I Embrace It? (Available to Mentoring Clients only)


Being What You Are Doing It For

Mentoring Option: $25   

Mentoring: You will be introduced to a powerful yet simple technique which provides the immediate and direct experience of union.  When experiencing union, all the hardships of feeling separate including fears, history and problems are released while simultaneously a felt sense of complete peace is experienced.  With understanding and practice this technique can transform the way you view yourself and the world!  Swami Kripalu called it the highest experience of yoga and his gift to the west.  There are no physical restrictions that prevent you from practicing this technique.

Video:  The Kriya of Chitta and Prana ~

Organic Tumeric

2-Week Ayurvedic Based Cleanse Program

Mentoring Option: $275   

The body is your home through which you may enjoy life.  Keeping the body balanced and healthy gives you an opportunity to embrace more fully all parts of your life!  Cleansing the body of toxins leads to a clearer mind and balanced emotions.  This home cleansing program provides you a clear path to cleanse at home safely and effectively through diet and other Ayurvedic based practices.   


Click Here for Details   


The Psychology of Ayurveda

Video Only 

Video:  An Introduction to the Science of Ayurveda ~

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