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Meditation in Motion

Meditation in Motion is a yoga practice where movement and meditation naturally and effortlessly come together as one. It uses a series of techniques, tools, breathing exercises, and movements to allow you to access the body's natural energetic intelligence, prana. The practice balances the body/mind system because it trains the nervous system and mind to be completely relaxed. Anyone of any age, size, and shape can practice it, making it accessible to all. The more you practice, the more you naturally begin to live your life as a Meditation in Motion. 

• Awaken your inner healer
• Unlock ancient yogic mysteries
• Connect to your body and follow its wisdom

Make the conscious crossover from physical yoga to energy & meditation yoga.

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Meditation in Motion Practitioner

Learn to experience the peace of meditation while in movement on the yoga mat and in your life. We have a variety of classes, webinars, and on-demand programs which will reveal ancient yogic secrets to help you make courageous shifts in your life.

Free Webinar:

The Transformative Power of Meditation in Motion.

Free Yoga Classes:

A Progressive Journey into Meditation in Motion.

Introduction to Meditation in Motion:

On-Demand Course including lectures and yoga practices.

Meditation in Motion Immersion:

A two weekend live retreat to experience and understand MiM.

Experience life as a Meditation in Motion!

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Meditation in Motion Facilitator

Our MiM Facilitator program provides the understanding and direct experience necessary to layer I AM Yoga® onto any style of  yoga. In a uniquely energetic group setting, you will gain the specific techniques that will aid you in guiding others in the experience of listening and responding to their own inner intelligence (Prana), as experienced by Gurudev Shri Amritji. This course reveals the innermost depth of I AM Yoga®.


  • Awaken of the innate intelligence of the body (Pranakriya)

  • Learn how to guide the Quantum Breath Meditation 

  • Unlock the mystery of yogic scriptures

  • Gain a deeper experiential understanding of Energy Yoga infusing the essence of yoga into your daily life

  • Receive a comprehensive training manual and yoga cards with in-depth instruction on how to facilitate an authentic yogic experience

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It’s not yoga if it doesn’t change your life. ~Gurudev Amritji 

Discover Meditation in Motion

Gurudev states: 


Ordinarily when you perform yoga postures as a physical discipline the performer of the yoga posture is your ego-mind.  The practice of I Am Yoga is called Meditation in Motion.  This means while you are performing yoga postures you are witnessing your thoughts and are actually withdrawing the mind from using the parasympathetic energy of the body to carry out the reactive interaction between mind and body.  When you witness, you are withdrawing from the doer and achiever, the ego-mind.


The moment you withdraw from the ego-mind as the performer of the postures you are releasing the energy from the captivity of the ego-mind.  The released energy now functions spontaneously through the sympathetic soul-Being.  


This is a switch from ego-mind as the doer and achiever to the non-doing power of Presence.  This non-doing does not mean that there is nothing being done. On the contrary, it is a shift from the ego-mind to the Consciousness that functions independent of the pre-programmed reactively processed memory mind.  In yoga it is called Prana Kriyas. 


When you practice I AM Yoga®, you practice Meditation in Motion, meditative interaction between body and mind.  

The subconscious, witnessing Presence is who you are. It does not choose, judge or have any opinion about what is present. It is itself omnipresent Presence, the undivided whole. It does not divide.   


Through the Conscious Crossover- Energy Is Freed  

  • Feel your body freed from the compelling power of the memory prison of the past.  

  • Feel the released energy cascading through your entire body. Bathe in the river of ecstasy of your energy Being. 

  • The moment you master the shift of the conscious crossover into meditation in motion, from the first half of making it happen to the second half of letting it happen, you enter your feeling body.

  • It is permeated by the flow of released energy flooding your entire body, lifting you into your Being.  


The Being That You Are  

  • You are the master magician. You have the power to turn your body, the abode of the ego-mind into the temple of the Being I AM.   

  • I AM manifests through the infinite, mighty power of Prana Shakti that permeates your entire body and connects you to your Being at the same time.  

  • Close your eyes, focus your attention on the third eye. Feel the union of Shiva and Shakti. Enjoy the bliss of ecstasy of the unifying marriage of Soul and Spirit, consciousness and energy.   

  • Celebrate! You have entered the new dimension of the Being that You Are. 


You Will Discover: 

  • The quantum pranayama technique 

  • 3 Keys to managing the mind 

  • Specific techniques to help you connect with the natural intelligence of prana 

  • How to understand the yogic scriptures 

  • The healing power of prana kriya 

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