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Natural Health Cleanse


Physical, Mental & Emotional Restoration

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Do you want to:

  • Strengthen your immune system?

  • Decrease stress, depression & anxiety?

  • Liberate yourself from unhealthy habits?

  • Boost your energy?

  • Release toxins from the body and mind?

Your experience will include techniques and detoxification therapies that focus on releasing physical, mental and emotional blocks. These techniques are uniquely designed to awaken the healer hidden within you, which will allow you to return to the self-healing, self-balancing, restorative, regenerative wisdom of your body. 

Join Us

April 21 - 26, 2022

To register call


Location: The Natural Health Improvement Center

2820 Niles Road

St. Joseph, MI 49085

Investment In Yourself: $899.99

In This Program You Will:

Release obstructions to your health &  happiness

Promote physical, mental & emotional balance

Learn about nutrition and balanced diet

Receive deeply relaxing treatments

Wellness Coach

Join us for an Experience of Deep Healing

Massage ~ Nutrition ~ Foot Bath

Personal Training ~ Therapeutic Yoga

Meditation ~ Sauna ~ Healthy Recipes Lectures ~ Conscious Living Consultation

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Lead By:

Dr. Katie Stull is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Pediatric Chiropractor who believes that health is a way of life.  In addition to chiropractic care she uses Morphogenic Field Technique to determine the underlying causes of illness and treat her patients at the cellular level to affect the greatest change in health.  Heather Arena is a Certified Yoga Therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Integral Breath Therapist, and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant.  She believes we all have the innate power to naturally maintain health and facilitate healing when introduced to the proper tools.  Her passion is to empower her clients to live healthy, vital, and fulfilling lives.

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