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Metergy© unites meditation & energy with its foundation in ancient Eastern Yogic philosophy.


Through the continued practice of Metergy©, a felt connection to everything beyond mental concepts is revealed allowing you to flow through your life with freedom and ease. 

Yoga, Breath, & Meditation Programs

Self-Paced & Mentored

CEU's with Yoga Alliance & APD with IAYT
Sign up for the Metergy Series and take a deeply transformative journey within to discover your true potential. 
Yoga Class
The Yoga of Energy

Self-Paced with Mentoring Option

Explore the ancient science of yoga from a new perspective!  Learn to feel the innate energetic intelligence of Prana within your own body.  This energy is an inborn gift which restores balance and harmony when freed to do so.  Learn techniques to awaken and optimize your Pranic connection.

For new students, yoga teachers, and any-body!

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Intro to Meditation in Motion

Self-Paced & Mentored

Exploring the Yoga Scriptures

Self-Paced & Mentored

Take a guided journey through the yogic Scriptures.  The knowledge gained through exploring the scriptures transforms your understanding of the practical and spiritual purposes of yoga.  This interactive self-paced course will take you on a comprehensive journey through the scriptures including a 70-page manual.

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Learn the 3 Keys to Clearing the Mind

An online retreat designed to introduce you to the core concepts of Eastern Yoga. You will be taken on a journey to discover your true potential and radiance.  This self-paced program is interactive and combines discussion meant to support your understanding of yogic philosophy with experiences that are accessible to any-body.  The combination of the knowledge provided with your own experiences help you discover for yourself the true brilliance and power of Yoga/Union turning your life into a Meditation in Motion!   

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You may also register for each course individually.

Outdoor Meditation

50% Off the Metergy Series

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