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Change is in the Air - Recognizing Your Natural Rhythm

Updated: Feb 9

dandelion seeds blowing
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Listen to Your Body's Wisdom: Reconnect with Your Inner Radiance

As we approach a change in season, it is important to recognize our natural rhythm.

Your body, mind, heart, and soul all have an organic way of being in the world. When in balance, this system flows healthy and fully expresses itself. When blocked, this system feels dis-ease.

What’s your way of being in your natural rhythm?

I go through phases where I back away from the external and move into the internal world. It is like going into the phase of the moon where you can’t see her when you look into the night sky, yet she is there, relaxed, and patiently waiting for the sun to shine on her again, revealing her splendor.

A change of season is an optimal time for you to determine what you need physically, mentally, and emotionally to traverse your life.

Spring and fall are optimal seasons for cleansing!

Wash away the fire of the summer or the cold of the winter and feel the balance within you so you can move into the season, ready for what life has to bring you.

Life is a gift!

Its purpose is to be joyful with the splendor of living.

We do this through loving relationships with ourselves, others, and the world.

When we feel in balance, this gift is easily received and readily offered. When we are out of balance, it can be difficult to embrace all the intricacies of being human.

Life can seem to lead us down very dark paths that show up physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Sometimes, we don’t even know we are in the darkness because we become so used to the dim light.

The symptoms are a lack of inspiration, moving from routine and habit instead of flowing with the moment, a body that is restricted in its ability to move externally or internally, a felt sense of dullness, and the list goes on.

Where the light shines, the fog dissipates.

In order to melt away those clouds, you must strengthen your felt connection to the light.

When you soak in the light you recognize that the light isn’t out there above the clouds, it is within you, it is everywhere.

I wish you a life of living in and as the light!

Don’t settle for less.

Self-Care Helps You Embrace Your Light

When you feel good, you are better able to connect with your source of Light.

Self-care and cleansing can encompass a wide range of practices depending on your individual needs and preferences. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Nourish and Move Your Body

  • Get Enough Sleep

  • Spend Time In Nature to Relax and Unwind

  • Do a Digital Detox

  • Practice Gratitude

  • Set Boundaries

  • Use Mindfulness Techniques

  • Be Creative

  • Interact with Your Community

  • Connect with Your Spiritual Side

  • Ask for Support

Never Walk Alone: Finding Support on Your Journey to Wellness

I have found in my own life that having someone else support and guide me has made all the difference!

I am more than delighted to support you as you shine away the fog. I offer both a quick clean-up Ayurveda Based Cleanse and a 11-Step Revitalizing Cleanse to support my clients' return to balance physically, mentally, and emotionally, to allow their beautiful Spirit to shine freely in the world.

Having someone walk the path with you and taking the lead when it's not clear which way to go is integral.

As you feel clear, you will see which way to go. Even when the path is a bit more difficult, it will feel natural to traverse it because you will feel strong within yourself.

You will know when it is appropriate to have another lead the way and when it is right to take the lead yourself.

You will see that really, you are never alone, you are always supported. That guidance is there within you, shining brightly, just waiting for you to see it.

May your journey in this next season of your life be filled with ease, joy, health, and fulfillment!

In Loving Service,

Heather Indu Arena

Thank you for reading! If inspired, please like this post and members, login, and comment to offer your voice in our Healing Elements Community. I hope my words uplift your spirit while offering you tools and techniques to help you soar.

If you appreciated this article, the best way to give back to me is to give to yourself through one of my many transformational programs and services so you know you have support in applying what you read to your own life. Here is one program that I believe will support you based on the content of this article.

Original Blog version from 9.8.22

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Words of inspiration and contemplation to help you feel alive and fulfilled physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. Be inspired, and your soul will sing joyfully!

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