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Discovering Freedom in these Cleansing Times

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Right now, the world is going through a strong cleansing process. All the stains of the past that have not been healed are rising to the surface. Mother Earth is cleansing, our bodies are cleansing, cultures are cleansing, nations are cleansing and because of all that strong energy, you are cleansing! When going through a cleansing process it is natural for past energies of anger, blame, fear, doubt and sadness to arise. They are arising as a natural result of cleansing. They need to release in order for the system to clear. The question is, how will you navigate these cleansing times?

There are two ways you can view all the occurrences in the world right now. The first is through a lens of fear where you view all the sickness, cries for equality, shouts of inequality, anger, mistrust and blame as an excuse to indulge these same feelings within yourself and move into despair. The second way to see yourself and the world is to view all the occurrences of the world as a cry for love, and an opportunity for you to stand tall and strong being a beacon of that love. It is up to you. Let me repeat that because it is a very important statement. IT IS UP TO YOU. That is a sobering statement but completely true. You have a choice in how you handle the world’s circumstances and how you manage what arises internally for you. Do you choose love or fear?

Fear leads to blame, shame, guilt, anger, and sadness. Love leads to a sure steadiness within that allows you to see the fear as a cry for love from those who do not see clearly because they are fogged by fear. The question is, do you want to act as a victim of life’s circumstances and a catalyst for continued fear, or a strong and steady victor in your own life? It can seem so easy to play the role of victim and blame others for our distress and unhappiness. Yet, it is not really easy, because ultimately, when we do that, we suffer. When you stand up and say, “I choose to claim my own feelings, to feel my emotions, to let the thoughts of fear pass by because they are ancient fears that I am allowing to the surface”, when you can let all the perceived negativity arise and release, then you are a victor in your life and are free.

Emotions are simply stored up energies that have a specific quality assigned to them by the mind. We call the emotion of anger bad, and the emotion of joy good. However, they are both stored up energies with a specific label placed on them. One person may see an event in the world and experience anger and another experience joy. It is all a matter of perspective!

It may appear strange to allow the fear and anger energies to arise in yourself, but consider this. You are not allowing the fears, sadness, anger, you fill in the blank… to arise in order to perpetrate more of these emotions. You are allowing what was already there, what was hidden underneath the surface, to arise so that you can be free of its negative effects on your body, your psyche and your spirit! That is a true cleansing that is helpful. However, how and when you let these emotions arise can determine how you will use that released energy.

Typically, we release emotional energies in two ways: Reactively or Deliberately. You probably know what I mean by a reactive release. Someone cuts you off in traffic, a specific news story comes on, your partner does that thing that always drives you crazy, and before you know it there is some form of reaction. That reaction may show up internally or externally. Either way, when reaction goes unprocessed it recycles back into your system to arise again and again.

Deliberate emotional release is a productive way of releasing emotional energies that cause conflict. It is a way to integrate that recycled built up reactive energy that has been stored in your system. How do you deliberately release emotional energy that has been stored in your system? You feel the emotions fully but not from the perspective of judgment, from the perspective of openness, what the Yogis call witness. When emotions are witnessed instead of judged they do not store back up in your system, so they repeat showing their discontentment. Instead, these energies are integrated back into the peaceful wholeness from which they came.

Ultimately, as you learn to witness your mental and emotional energies, you get better and better at it. The mind no longer moves towards judgment, instead it observes. You no longer need to convince the people in your life or the larger world it needs to show up a certain way because you recognize that your peace and freedom comes from within yourself, not outer changes. As Gandhi said, “be the change you want to see in the world.” At this point you can make choices in your life based not on past mental and emotional recycled energies, but on present moment inspiration that comes from an intuitive part of your-self that you now have access to. You have the freedom to choose love instead of fear, and because of that you can become of a beacon of love in the world.

Cleansing is a natural process of being alive. When toxins build up in the system, any system, it needs to cleanse itself. What that means is these toxins need to rise back up to the surface so that they can be released. Now that you know how the process works, you do not need to become concerned or afraid when cleansing happens. In yourself or even in the world. You can simply recognize it for what it is. Put on the filter of love and watch the energies that arise be purified by that love. Your perspective of yourself and the world will begin to transform.

In Loving Service,

Heather Indu Arena

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