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Embracing the Love Within

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Did you know you are whole and complete? You are loved, loving, you are Love Itself! If that is true, then why would you live your life any other way than that of perfect peace and joy? That is the question isn’t it? What do you believe about yourself and this world? Do you believe it is loving or out to get you? That you have to strive and struggle to get the things and life you need and want, or that you can truly relax and interact with life and the world in a peaceful and loving way?

For many people, the last year has been a struggle that has brought forth fear, hesitation, doubt, anger, sadness, loneliness, even despair. This leads to the ultimate question, why? Why does this world contain such pain? These are all questions I have asked myself throughout my life and thus I imagine you have done the same. So which answer is true? I am whole, loving, and free or I am destined to suffer?

Enough questions! Let’s get to some answers. It is really all a matter of perspective. There are times you feel safe, free, joyful, and loving and there are times you do not. Perhaps you have observed that oftentimes the external and internal environment around and within you dictates your perspective. So, if it is simply a matter of perspective, then why don’t you change it? Yes, I do realize that was another question but sometimes we need to ask questions to get to the real answer.

The joy, freedom, and peace you desire are not dependent on circumstances that are not under your control. If it’s all a matter of perspective, then why not simply change yours? You can you know! You can!!! You can recognize your unconditional loving, supported and supporting, whole nature right now! Perhaps there are a couple of thoughts popping up that tell you differently. I encourage you to not listen to them anymore, you don’t need their guidance anymore.

Actually, you have a guidance system within you that recognizes your wholeness and that was given to you to help you return to a perspective of wholeness, peace and love regardless of the worlds circumstances and people’s opinions including your own. All you have to do is stop believing in your limitations. Let me say that again just slightly differently. All you must do is stop feeding those thoughts of limitations with your attentiveness to them and allow for the Truth to replace them; the Truth being that you are not limited, you are whole.

Your potential is limitless and your capacity to love yourself and the world boundless. You have a natural guidance system that is present right now calling you home to this new perspective. It’s just a matter of having a willingness to release the old, limited perspective and all the fear, sadness, anger, frustration, and guilt that goes along with it.

We all know this deep inside. It’s the reason you are still reading these words. You know this at the core of your Being! Perhaps you simply need someone to hold your hand and guide you within, to this limitless Loving Light. Someone to hold your hand as you face the ancient fears and doubts so you can at last let them go. Consider doubting your doubts now and instead embracing your Light!

Be willing to reach out your hand openly and willing to truly receive. You deserve to recognize your wholeness. Yes, you deserve it! It was given to you and has never been taken away. Understand that the hand reaching back may not come from where you expect it should. But it is here, right now waiting for you. Feel that loving touch reaching back and reminding you that you are the Love you have been seeking. And if you want a little support in that process, please know I am here. And it is my joy to help you shift your perspective to Love!

In Loving Service,

Heather Indu Arena

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