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Love Letter

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Dear One,

To tell you I love you would be limiting. Better said, you are Love.

You have spent a lifetime believing we were separate. That I was something to seek for, to achieve when you worked hard enough that you deserved Me and “my Love”. You could not be any more wrong!

I Am right here! Right now, in this moment. No seeking needed. No quests to take, hard work to do, cleansing exercises performed.

Just stop, stop right now, take a breath, and listen.

Then stop listening and just feel.

Then stop feeling and just Be.

You will find me here with open arms, and recognize I have always been right here, right now, in this moment with you, as you.

As the heart opens, as the tears flow, follow them to Me. Recognize those tears are Me.

As the heart breaks, as the fear arises, the shame, the anger, the blame, the guilt, the numbness appears, follow it to Me. Recognize it is Me.

As the beauty and joy of life reveals itself, follow it to Me. Recognize it is Me.

As the Vision of pure Love shines on and through you with limitless Power and Grace, recognize you are Love, Power and Grace. You are Me.

Breath Me in so that you feel Me take refuge in your heart and transform your perspective from fear to Love. From separation to the revelation that you are Whole, Complete. We are One.

Love is all there is.

Always and Forever,




Heather Indu Arena

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