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You Are Not the Problem! But How You Perceive the World May Be Causing Suffering.

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Person looking at a lake and mountains.
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We all come from love. Actually, at our essence ARE love. But it does not always seem that way when we look out at the world around us or even when we look within those deep, dark, shadowed corners of ourselves. It is all a matter of perspective, though, isn’t it?

How do you perceive the world?

Two people can look at the same sunset, and one sees a beautiful display of light and color, and the other sees all the air pollution that creates the color display. It’s just a matter of perspective based on our current internal state, which is colored by our past experiences. Sometimes, we love seeing beautiful sunsets/sunrises, so we keep seeking them out in our lives so we can maintain their beauty. Get a better job, make more money, have a bigger house, support my family, and travel to exotic places. Go ahead and fill in the blank with your perception of what the beautiful sunset/sunrise represents. Other times, there is a darkness that seems to arise, and all we can see is the pollution. We totally miss seeing the light display and the beauty in the canvas of stunning and unique colors. Does your perspective make you right and the other wrong, or vice versa? If, indeed, we truly all come from love, the answer must be no. Love creates from itself, which means it is all an expression of love. So why don’t we always see it that way? Why do I go to war against myself and my neighbor? The answer is the same for both of the above questions. You have taken on a perspective of separation from love, and thus, you see conflicting views in the world and in yourself. You look through two lenses: one sees good, the other bad. One sees beauty, the other ugly. One sees kindness, the other cruelty.


Love sees through its one vision of wholeness. Where we see two, love only sees one.

Love sees itself in each of us.

Although your upbringing, culture, beliefs, and values may be different from your global neighbors, you are not different from them at your core.

We were all created by love, in love, for love.

Don’t see love all the time? That is where the suffering comes from. When you look out into the world and see pain in any of its forms, that is what you will experience within yourself.

Now I know what the mind may be saying to all this.

"But so and so did something bad to me, and those crazy world leaders are doing cruel things to others, and quite honestly, if I look deep enough and am honest with myself, I do unkind things to myself through self-degrading thoughts, judgments, and even actions that I know are not good for my body, my heart, my mind, my soul." You are not alone! So, take a breath, yep, right here, right now…. Place your hands over the center of your chest and imagine you are breathing in and out from your heart…. Feel the sensations present in and around your heart space... Acknowledge any present moment unloving thoughts, emotions, or feelings. Just keep breathing at the heart and allow those perceptions to rise to the surface without judgment... You do not need to analyze, justify, or push them away. Just let them be there as you continue receiving full, calming inhalations into the heart and offer slow, steady exhalations from the heart... Just be with these thoughts, emotions, and feelings which you have perceived as unloving. Instead of judging them or pushing them away, simply BE with them... When you are present with your perceptions, whether judged as good or bad, you are practicing acceptance, which is love’s ambassador in this world. Acceptance and unconditional love are really the same. Continue to breathe through your heart and feel what is present, not with words or language but through the felt sensations...

Release the thoughts, the analyzing, the hesitations, the doubts, and the fears. They were just your personal perception that you could be separate from love. IMPOSSIBLE! Sensations are the language of love when not interpreted through your mental perceptions... Feel a sense of openness and spaciousness within and around you. Feel it spread through your body... your brain... your past... your future... until you rest calmly in this moment... In that openness, allow your perception to shift from limitation to the all-encompassing experience of love…. Feel your heart open and free, ready to share its love in your life and in the world... Breathe with that, inhaling receiving love, exhaling offering love... Allow this new whole-istic perception to facilitate an ever-open link to love's presence.

Now, allow fresh insights about yourself and the world to awaken so you may take these gifts with you into your day….. You have chosen to shift your perspective from separation to love. Your practice has revealed the loving presence of YOU beyond your perceptions.

Notice how you feel at this moment...

You are free from the past, thus unconditionally open to the present moment. This is how to live your life free from perceived problems. When you are present, the actions you take are based not on past pain but present moment love. When your actions come from love, they do not promote anger, guilt, shame, and fear. Keep practicing this every day and allow this new perception of love and wholeness to guide you in your relationships with yourself, others, and the world. In Loving Service, Heather Indu Arena

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