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What are the Healing Elements?

It is the Healing Elements philosophy that when you are in balance, like the below tree, your life flowers and bears fruit.  Healing Elements are the tools and techniques we use to support that growth and balance.

The Triple A's


The Triple A’s are a progressive way of consciously working through stress, including conflicting thoughts and emotions, in order to view yourself, the world and others from a perspective of peace and love rather than conflict and fear.  Click Here for details.


Warrior Two

Yoga is the science of Liberation.  Liberation from limitations. This ancient science of peace teaches one to see Unity in all things and has the added benefit of balancing the body/mind system. 

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The conscious use of the breath facilitates a shift in physical, mental, and emotional balance.  Change the breath, change the body/mind.  Breath therapy helps the practitioner release improper breathing patterns, which lead to dis-ease.  

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Yoga Therapy

YT Photo_edited.jpg

Yoga therapy is the process of empowering 
individuals to progress toward improved 
health and well-being through the application 
of the teachings and practices of yoga. I refer to my style as Triple A Yoga Therapy. The Triple A's utilize ancient yogic wisdom reimagined through the lens of modern-day psychological models to address and integrate dis-ease.

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Focused Mind

Metergy© unites meditation and energy with its foundation in ancient Eastern Yogic philosophy.


Through the continued practice of Metergy©, a felt connection to everything beyond mental concepts is revealed, allowing you to flow through your life with freedom and ease. 

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Words for the Soul Blog

Writing by the Water

Words of inspiration and contemplation to help you feel alive and fulfilled physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually.

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Meditation & Yoga Nidra

Eyes Closed

Meditation is an opportunity to be in a peaceful, calm, and harmonious state of awareness.  In meditation, the brain shifts in such a way as to activate balancing biochemical shifts.  Short-term practice brings an immediate sense of peace.  The long-term practice has huge benefits on all levels. 

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Image by Chinh Le Duc

Ayurveda is the art of living daily in harmony with the laws of nature.  Ayurveda translates as the knowledge of life.  It is a natural and ancient time-tested science that uses this knowledge of life to promote living a healthy, joyful, and balanced life. This balance can be maintained between the physical body (healthy and agile), mind (open and peaceful), heart (joyful), and soul (free).  

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