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Yoga, Breath, Meditation

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Our Mission

Empowering individuals to live healthy, vital, fulfilling, & authentic lives

through holistic education and services.

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Unleash Your Potential & Meet Your Brilliance

You are Unique!
We believe your journey should reflect your needs.

Heal Naturally

Mental/Emotional Wellbeing

Immunity & Balancing the Body

Uplift Your Spirit


I want to support your journey to optimal health & well-being!

A “healer” is not someone you go to for healing. A healer is someone who reveals within you, your wholeness. 

Below are details on the Healing Elements and how they can support you.

Washing Face with Water


RESTORE your health and well-being.

DE-STRESS your mind and emotions.

INCREASE your immunity.

LEARN new tools for a balanced life.

Do you want to de-stress and re-charge?

Are you looking for peace and calm within yourself?

Our Wellness Programs provide safe, effective, and time-tested techniques to promote ongoing wellness.

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Notebook and Pen

Words for the Soul

Visit my blog to be Inspired.  

Your blog for inspiration and contemplation to help you maintain health and balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

What I write comes from a place of deep stillness and silence. It is what I call inspired writing, not AI writing ;) 


Discover not just information on mental, emotional, and physical health but also Spiritual inspiration and uplifting. I have studied Religions and Spiritual belief systems from across the globe and believe they all point to the same Source of Love

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Yoga and Meditation

DISCOVER a New Perspective on Yoga

REENERGIZE Your Body, Mind, & Heart

TRANSFORM Your Practice & Life


Metergy©: The Yoga of Meditation and Energy

Yoga was created for you to reveal your Wholeness Now.

EVERYTHING you need to discover the ancient practice of yoga and meditation not taught in Western culture.

1) Exploring the Yoga of Energy

2) Introduction to Meditation in Motion

3) Exploring the Yogic Scriptures

4) Awaken Your Inner Healer


Register separately or get all 3 for 50% off!

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Join the Healing Elements Community

Let the transformation begin with special updates, blog entries, and media to uplift and inspire you!


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My name is Heather Indu Arena and it is my life's passion to support you in living a life of health, balance, and joy empowered by the clear understanding of who you are and your place in this world!    

Why I can help?

  • I have taken the journey myself!  Through struggle, doubt, fear, success, depression, poor health... and used it all as a means to discover my source of strength and purpose. 

  • I have over 20 years experience working one on one and in groups with individuals seeking to live life to their highest potential.  You can check out a few of my testimonials.

  • I truly want to see you discover fulfillment in all aspects of your life!  Serving others has not only been my career path but also the fulfillment of my hearts passion in life.

Heather Indu Arena Headshot


Saint Joseph, MI 49085


Thanks for contacting us!

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Open Arms Policy

Healing Elements is a small, woman-owned business.

Your patronage supports our mission of helping more people.

If our services are needed but beyond your financial means, please reach out to us.

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