Celebrate the Seasons of Your Life

An imbalance in our physical, mental, or emotional health is not something to be ashamed about.  Our health should be acknowledged with compassion and love so we can face it head on instead of trying to hide it in the shadows.

Whether the body is obese, the mind won’t stop, or the emotions seem to carry you away, there is no reason to push aside or deny how you are feeling.  You are not broken.  Let me say that again, you are not broken!

There are cycles in life.  Right now, whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, you are experiencing a change in a cycle from one season to another.  Cycles are a part of living a human existence.

Sometimes we move into spring where there is an abundance of energy, ideas, creativity, and receptivity.   Sometimes we move into fall where there is letting go, release, introversion, and coolness.  

We can resist the change of seasons in the outer world and the inner world, or we can embrace them fully.  When we embrace there is an opportunity for growth and light even in the darkest of winters.  When we resist, we simply push down the fears, the anger, the sorrow, the judgment, which will affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally on a subconscious level.

Why does the world seem to shame us if our body doesn’t look like a model in an ad, or if we become anxious in crowds, or if we cry in public?  The answer is simple, because so many of us have pushed down the shame and guilt and projected it outwards.

Instead of blaming a weak body, a wandering mind, or emotions that take you on a roller coaster ride, begin to embrace all these seeming broken parts.  Sit with them. Have a real conversation with them and be willing to listen; willing to listen to those parts of yourself that you have covered over with false beliefs brought on by a lifetime of taking on the opinions of others - your family, friends, society, culture, religion.  

Begin to have a real conversation where you don’t take things at face value, you actually investigate their validity.  You are not broken.  Your ankle may be stiff, depression may show itself, crazy thoughts may appear, but that doesn’t make you broken, just human.

When the body, mind, or heart seem to be out of balance, that poses an obstacle for you to recognize your strength, your power, your love, your wholeness.  But it doesn’t change who you are. The body, mind, and heart are simply vehicles for you to express yourself, not limiting factors.

Start having a real conversation not limited by false beliefs.  Acknowledge how you feel without the filters.  Let the tears flow, the cry of primordial emotion release so that you can begin to accept life as it is showing up for you.  When you accept how things are, you then open yourself to how they can be.  In this openness you allow a new balanced perspective to reveal itself.

As the seasons of your physical, mental, and emotional balance shift and change, know that you are not alone.  There is no need for feeling shame or guilt or denying the season you are encountering.  Start that conversation with yourself and if you want some support in that process, consider a cleanse program with me.

Fall and spring are optimal seasons for cleansing because they are seasons of clearing and birth.  

Much Love,

Heather “celebrating all the seasons of my life” Indu Arena

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