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Discover Your Path with a Heart

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

For me, there is only the traveling on the paths that have a heart,

On any path that may have a heart.

There I travel,

and the only worthwhile challenge for me

is to traverse its full length.




~Carols Castaneda

Click play and unmute to listen to Heather read you the blog.

Are you on your path with a heart?

All paths have a heart, just like all roads lead to Rome, all religions lead to God, and all forms of spirituality lead to love.

There are so many paths out there because there are so many unique individuals in this world, you being one of them.

What fills your heart with joy and makes your spirit sing?

Not everyone knows what their path with a heart is, yet it seems crystal clear to others.

When you feel the slightest constriction in your body, hesitation in your mind, or restriction in your emotions, you have wandered off your path into the thorny, impassible bushes that will keep you stagnant and in conflict.

Even right now, as I write this, I am aware of feeling a slight constriction in my heart.

Hmmm, let’s explore that instead of denying it.

So, I pause, close my eyes, take several smooth and steady breaths, and allow myself to feel the restriction, which I recognize as the physical representation of thoughts of insecurity and inferiority. By simply allowing myself to feel all this, the pressure opens in my chest, and I can freely write again!

All paths have a heart! It’s simply a matter of how we traverse our path and if we follow it to completion.

If you are on a path right now that feels stagnant or uncomfortable, first off, good for you for noticing. Many people live their whole lives not aware of their discomfort, instead preferring to hide it behind inauthentic thoughts, addictions, and avoidance behaviors.

Instead of avoiding it, try feeling the stagnation or discomfort. Be curious about it instead of resistant. Use tools like breathing, feeling, and observing to help your heart open to the moment. That way, you can traverse the path to its completion, which may continue or turn in a different direction.

You don’t really know, do you? Which way is the right way to go, that is? You may have thoughts telling you this is the right direction, but how many times have you ended up in the brambles by following those thoughts?

Every moment is an opportunity to be on your path with a heart, which is the exact path you are on right now. It couldn’t be any different, or else it would be!

If the path you are on presents rocky and unstable terrain, use the tools I have been offering you to relax so you can move forward on clear ground. I began my day using the tools and have already paused and used them twice again while writing this message 😉 You know how to get ahold of me if you want support. Don’t hesitate to message me or comment below!

What does walking your path with a heart feel like, you may ask? It feels open, light, clear, peaceful, harmonious, and safe in your body, emotions, and mind. You know that feeling. You have experienced it in those moments of purity in your life, even if only as an innocent child.

Reconnect with the beginner's mind of that free child and joyfully skip forward in your life.

I won’t kid you; it takes practice. Start now so that when the terrain gets steeper, you know what works for you to make that climb contently instead of begrudgingly.

Your path with a heart is right now! Life brings obstacles so you will adjust how you are traversing it. Follow those prompts and learn to adjust as appropriate.

Discover what activities, people, and situations offer you freedom, peace, and love, and engage in them. They will strengthen you when the road becomes turbulent until, eventually all paths bring joy!

In Loving Service,

What path have you been on lately?

Comment below.

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