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Listen to Your Heart!

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

When you truly connect to your heart you can experience a felt sense of joy and beauty that is inexpressible in words.

We spend so much time listening to the voice in our head that we often miss the felt sense of the heart reminding us to pause and be filled by the moment; allowing us to feel fulfilled instead of resistant. When you let your heart take the lead in life, your thoughts automatically become more in alignment with the love and compassion of your heart.

You see love is your natural state. It is present right now and is accessible right now although I understand it may not appear that way because it seems to be hidden by heavy and sometimes dark thoughts and beliefs.

For example, I was sitting at my desk the other day working on a project and all of a sudden I realized how tired I felt. Because of that tired heaviness, I wasn't really accomplishing much, although I was certainly keeping myself busy! Once I recognized that feeling/sensation of tiredness, heaviness, like a subtle whole body contraction, I knew something was off and that I needed a reset!

So, I pulled up my Embracing the Light of Your Heart Meditation and gave the next five minutes to reconnect with my heart energy. This reset took me out of my head which was trying to “fix” my perceived problems and landed me right in the comforting arms of my heart where the solution to all perceived problems rest.

After only five minutes I felt better! I felt more connected and had a new approach to the rest of my day. That approach was to let my heart lead the way.

Oftentimes we get confused by what it means to let your heart lead the way. We think it means one thing when really it has nothing to do with thinking! It is all about feeling.

Feeling something within you, really, all around you, that is telling you without words that you are safe, you are valuable, you are loved!

That message is being broadcast to you right now. And that feeling of safety, fulfillment and love is available to you right now. I mean how could it not be if a simple five-minute meditation can reveal its soft and loving whisper?

The trick is you have to connect with your heart on a regular basis so feeling that connection actually becomes more normal than listening to the playback of shifting mental thoughts.

Thoughts change and conflict with other thoughts. The heart is consistent. Its purpose is to give and receive love. When the thoughts do not interfere with the heart, the heart is free to make clear decisions not based on past habits.

That's it, it's that easy! Yet I realize from my own experience that gaining the momentum to consistently engage in activities that help reinforce that shift in how you interact in the world can sometimes feel difficult. That's why I'm here writing you every week, to support your momentum in a direction that leads you to harmony instead of hardship. It is also why I offer online programs that immerse you in your heart and consultations/mentoring to help you make that shift.

Check out my Embracing the Light of Your Heart Meditation below and make it a daily practice to connect with your heart!

In Loving Services,

Heather Indu Arena

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