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Doorway to Freedom

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Ciao from Italy!

Have you ever felt the oppressive pull of feeling trapped yet at the same time knew release was possible yet elusive?

I am currently on vacation sitting at the dining table in my Tuscan villa watching a fly zig-zagging from window to window trying to find its way out. A place that I find completely relaxing and wonderful the fly feels as a prison. The funny thing is the door is open! The fly could escape at any time. It simply needs to go back out the way it came in.

So simple a solution, yet like the fly, we humans seem to keep getting ourselves in situations where we feel trapped, oppressed, and unhappy.

Are you ready to step out of that cycle? Then you must go back the way you came. I understand why that may not seem inviting. Having dealt with depression my whole life it feels like going back the way I came would lead to more suffering. Anyone who has dealt with an uncomfortable situation, circumstance, or sensation typically does not want to go back the way they came. They want to move forward.

The way forward is sometimes through the felt traumas of the past. In order to release the pain, the suffering, the angst, you must let it resurface and then let it go. Yet, that is why oftentimes we do not go back the way we came, because we do not want to feel that discomfort again.

I am not suggesting you put yourself in the same circumstance once again, but I am saying that to release the pain of the past you must let it go in the present. Oftentimes that means feeling it once again. You see, we hold those unconscious mental and emotional patterns in our bodies; thus, the need to release them. You need not linger in those feelings, just let them rise to the surface and then let them go!

Like the fly, oftentimes we keep flying from this solution to that solution, window to window. Yet those windows are not open even though you can see freedom on the other side. I suspect you can relate to what I am describing here. The funny thing is, we keep going back to that same shut window and think we are going to get a different result than the last time we visited it.

For example, my depression. If I just focus on things that make me happy, I seem to be free of it. Yet the depression keeps following me everywhere I go. What I have discovered is that all I need is to feel it, and then let it go. Feeling it may take a moment while running away from it keeps it on my tail with the anxiety of it following me wherever I go. I am sure you have a similar example or two from your own life.

Make the choice to release yourself from the repetitive cycles of the past so you can be free of them. Stop going to the same windows over and over again. Face the past so you can let it go.

The result, fly through the doorway to freedom!

In Loving Service,

Heather Indu Arena

P.S. Let me support you in releasing the past with a Conscious Living Consultation. Or even better yet make a full commitment to this new path with my 11-Step Healing Elements Master Program where I support you in traversing the doorway to freedom each step along the way with specific tools and techniques that have worked for me and my clients.


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