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The Power of Silence

Updated: Feb 2

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figure in the water looking out over open landscape


Be still a moment and observe what fills you.

Be silent for a moment and listen to what the other says.

You will hear your own voice just below the surface.

Swami Krpalvanand once said to ask oneself;

“Is what I have to say an improvement on silence?”

I imagine that when you look out into the world at large and its current state of dismal or even within your own family, you may sincerely say, “Yes, what I have to say is meant to bring peace and love.”

But my dear, you cannot imagine how the other listening will receive your words or even if they agree.

There is a profound power, perfection, and simplicity in silence.

Not the kind of silence that denies pain, suffering, war, hate, or retribution.

A silence that truly and openly, without biases, waits for the emptiness to be filled.

Filled with what?

Only the silence can reveal that to you!

Not sure how to be silent? Like everything else, it takes practice.

Meditation has worked for me.

Meditation happens when you attempt the first two lines of this post:


Be still a moment and observe what fills you.

Try it out again and again. What you have to gain is beyond words.

In Loving Service,

Heather Indu Arena

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1 Comment

Jul 14, 2022

Dear Indu,

as always exactly the right words on the right time 😊!

This theme was/is exactly my today’s reflection and then your beautiful words came to confirm everything and bless me with a still deeper silence.

From this stillness I‘m writing now, these few words of mine already seem loud enough.

so, ssshhhhh, peacefully ….🤍🙏🏼


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