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The Beauty of Being You

Updated: Jan 31

You are unique, you are beautiful, and there is absolutely no one in this world that can replace you. It is time to shine, sisters and brothers!

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Women with color all around her

Have you ever noticed that when you experience different aspects of nature, such as a beautiful sunset, a vast desert, a forest of trees, or, for me, endless blue water, you feel complete peace and love?

Mother Nature does not try to change herself to make you like her more.

She does not think, oh, I should drop some pinecones to create some texture in my branches because that would look much more beautiful.

Or, if I added a large rock here, the view would be more intriguing.

Mother Nature keeps on being herself despite what anyone believes or says, and I, for one, love her!

I look out over the water of Lake Michigan on a wavy day with equal admiration as on a crystal-calm day.

What if you rested in yourself with as much comfort and ease as the stars in the sky?

What if you stood strong and bright regardless of who paid attention and never wavered, even when a different star caught the gazer’s eyes?

Wouldn’t that be freeing, amazing, comforting, and empowering?

Imagine standing in yourself that surely!

Now, if you are anything like me, I imagine there are thoughts and habits within yourself that you do not believe are attractive or lovable.

But ask the moon if she cares which phase she is in. No!

Moon phases

She experiences and embraces all her cycles.

She shines bright when that is her natural rhythm and shamelessly allows herself to be covered in shadows when that is her natural course.

What if you could be as courageous?

How would your life flow differently if you showed up simply as you, unapologetically?

Now, that does not mean you have permission to be a jerk. I know you have a moral compass based on being a human being.

But when you cycle past the normal dark side of your moon, you can easily correct your course using the tools you have acquired along the way.

You can then learn from your experiences so you return to your natural brilliance that shines regardless of what cycle you are in.

Why do we judge ourselves and others instead of seeing the beauty behind our own beliefs? That is a rhetorical question that was answered in my previous blog, “You Are Not the Problem”.

Stop it! Right now.

Embrace that inner glow within yourself.

It will shine more brightly the more you stop covering it with insecurity, doubt, fear, blame, and shame.

Be as the ocean and allow for days when the wind is still, and your waters are calm and crystal clear, and equally allow for days when the wind is strong and powerful, and your waves are twenty feet high with a force that can be seen as destructive or viewed as providing a natural clearing for all they encounter.

Surfer on big wave

There is an organic co-creative rhythm to this world that is far beyond our control as individual human beings.

We are all a part of nature, of that rhythm.

The question is, will you go with the flow, which we are all designed to fit into perfectly?

Or will you use your given gift of self-awareness to resist how you were created? Resistance leads to conflict and disharmony in the natural flow of life.

Acceptance leads to growth, to clearing, to beauty.

Consider a caterpillar. One day, she feels a natural pull to find a quiet, calm place to weave a web around herself and hibernate for a while. She does not say, “I don’t have time to rest.” She follows the prompting she feels deep within herself.

She rests.

And then one day, there is an urge to break through the hard shell around her. It is not easy; it takes effort, but she feels a draw to break through her shell.

When she emerges, she has wings! A transformation has happened without her trying to make wings for herself. They formed effortlessly because that is who she is.


There was a time of being a caterpillar and crawling on the ground with the danger of being squished or eaten. Then, there was a time of rest and transformation. And finally, there was the ability to fly!

Your life is going to take you on a journey that was designed specifically for you.

There will be dangers involved.

That is only natural in a world of billions of life forms, visible and invisible, all living together on planet Earth.

Are you willing to question conflicting thoughts and beliefs while listening to the natural impulses within you guiding you to be in a co-creative relationship with this entire planet, including all the people, animals, external natural environment, and your own internal environment of thoughts and emotions?

Resistance leads to your own suffering. Going with the flow like the caterpillar leads to transformation and an ability to fly free.

My encouragement to you is to embrace your unique qualities that no one else in this entire world can match.

You are as unique and beautiful as a snowflake. There is only one of you! Let your brilliance shine through for all to see.


It is true not everyone is going to love you, or possibly even like you, but be steady like the mountains and stand tall regardless.

Stand in your own strength and excellence.

Go with your natural flow so that regardless of what others say, think, or do, you feel at the very core of your being that you belong, you are perfect as you are, and you are whole!

In Loving Service,

Heather Indu Arena

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Jun 16, 2022

Thank you dear Indu for these beautiful words of crystal clarity.

They sound as flowing, refreshing and powerful as Nature itself and therefore naturally inspiring. They dream me awake … 🤍🙏🏼

Heather Indu Arena
Heather Indu Arena
Jun 16, 2022
Replying to

Thank you dear One Tony for adding your beauty to this post!


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