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Spring Into Positive Changes in Your Life

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Have you noticed that when a new year arrives there is a burst of energy to eat healthier, exercise more, engage in more conscious activities, be kinder, arrange your home... You get the picture. That energy of change feels so strong at the time, and you are so ready for it. But then too quickly your “normal” life returns and you get sucked into the same habits and routines. I know you recognize this because it happens every year. Yet at the end of the old year and beginning of the new year you are so sure this year will be different. Well, it can be! Let’s explore how.

The mind is a fascinating thing. It seems to take us in a direction we love at one moment, and then takes us on a journey through an overgrown, rough forest of aggravating thoughts the next. One moment we are ready to commit to a year of health and balance and the next we are drawn back into those old comfortable habits that run our daily lives. So how does one break the cycle?

You need to have more momentum in the direction of the changes you want to make than in the direction of your old habitual way of being in the world. There is a global collective force at the beginning of a new year encouraging positive change. It is called strength in numbers, the more people going in one direction the easier it is to follow. Kind of like birds migrating south as winter approaches. The birds work collectively in a V pattern in order to conserve energy so they can make the long journey together. One bird takes the lead, and the others fan out behind it. They then take turns leading the flock.

I find that when I or my clients are attempting to make a change, there first needs to be an internal felt sense of “I am ready.” Then the energy to move forward in the direction you want will arise so you can take the first step. Finally, that energy must be sustained through a permanent shift in behavior and thinking.

The first step of “I am ready” is integral to the process and cannot be forced. Your thoughts will align with a felt sense in your body which promotes a readiness for the changes you want. Sometimes there is a thought “I am ready” but not a physical alignment with that readiness so there is not enough momentum for the change. This can cause mental and emotional strain. The solution is to find a support system to help you make the journey just like the migrating birds.

Humans have many support systems; friends, family, community, faith, to name a few. I mentor individuals and groups in making permanent positive changes in their lives because it is my hearts’ passion to support spreading light in the world. Plus, giving to others what I have received helps me reinforce maintaining healthy ways of being in the world myself.

I believe that every human’s purpose is to spread the light of love through all their interactions and daily activities in the unique way that only they can. Each of us is like a snowflake. We are unique and there is not a single other person who can offer what we can in the way we can. When you feel balanced, healthy, and whole you automatically and effortlessly share the fragrance of your light and love in the world whether it is as a parent, teacher, co-worker, social worker, neighbor, friend, or family member.

Discover what makes you unique and the changes you seek will unfold with ease. And when you recognize having support during the process would be helpful, I offer in person and mentored online programs and services that will help you make the connection between your thoughts and your body, so you have the felt sense “I am ready!”, and then the momentum to stay the course.

In Loving Service,

Heather Indu Arena


P.S. Springtime is the ideal time for cleansing the body, mind, and emotions. The energy of birth is all around you. My cleansing programs will help you soar with the season’s energy into greater health and balance!

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