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Wake Up! Exploring the Origin of Fulfillment

Updated: Feb 9

Are You Missing Your Life? Stop Existing, Start REALLY Living (Here's How)

Woman opening curtains.
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Let’s get serious here, but not too serious, because I’ve been told that seriousness is the only crime where the punishment is the crime.

How often do you spend your day on autopilot or in “get through it” mode?

A different way of asking that question is, how present are you throughout your day?

Stop Chasing "When?" and Embrace "Now!"

Fulfillment comes from being filled full at any given moment. When we let our thoughts stray into the future or past, we are taking away from the opportunity that is happening right now.

Now I know where the mind can go. I certainly do not love vacuuming!

I imagine you also have tasks you complete that you do not love.

However, what if, while you were vacuuming, you could be totally present for the experience?

In all honesty, what other option is there?

You could resist the whole time, miserable until it is over. But why would you do that to yourself?

The Origin of Fulfillment in ANY Activity

Wouldn’t you rather feel whole instead of divided at any given moment?

Consider the last time you did something you really love.

Take a moment and put yourself right in the middle of that experience in your imagination, and then notice how you feel.

Go ahead, try it out, and then keep reading...

Didn’t you feel good, in sync, happy, at ease, peaceful, fulfilled... just to name a few options?

Now, imagine feeling that in every activity you engage in! What if you could always feel that way despite what you are doing?

When I am writing and in flow, it feels like I just described above, fulfilled, but when I come up against writer's block, I feel pressured and insecure.

When that happens, I use different tools and techniques to help me re-set and return to the natural flow that happens only in the present moment.

Flowing Waves

It’s all a matter of being awake or asleep at any given moment.

Think about when you are sleeping. It seems like, in your dreams, the world is driving you from random place to place.

Then, when you are in deep sleep, you are not even aware of what is happening.

Oftentimes, as humans, we live our lives like we are asleep, just trying to make it through an activity or even a day without being fully engaged in it or recognizing what is happening.

Don’t let your life pass you by, or you will miss it!

You only have this one opportunity to be amazing YOU in this world.

Being Awake

When we are fully present or awake, the world seems a beautiful and amazing place to live, explore, and serve others through our own brightness.

There is a sense of belonging so that we can help others feel they belong.

Being awake or present brings with it a felt sense of presence, of being truly alive. There’s a joy that comes with that, a readiness to face whatever the world brings, even when it brings difficult situations.

Because you have built up an ability to be present and filled-full by the moment, even the harder moments bring with them a feeling of being alive and awake instead of numb and asleep.

It just takes practice.

I’ve actually stopped several times during the writing of this blog to breathe, feel, and re-set back to my presence so I feel fulfilled and able to give.

Otherwise, there's no point in writing. I can't give what I haven't received.

I have had students and clients ask me when this process will end and when I will get to the peace I am seeking.

My answer is, "never." Yes, you read that correctly, never.

You can’t get to what you already are.

You can only recognize in any given moment that you are that which you are seeking.

Anything you do to try to get there will fuel a belief in lack, in longing, in believing you are incomplete.

Life isn’t happening in the future. It is happening right here, right now.

Be awake now, and now, and now!

Reinforce that muscle within you, and it will become easier and easier so you no longer long to seek what you do not have but revel in all that you are right now.

In Loving Service,

Heather Indu Arena

Thank you for reading! If inspired, please like this post and members, login, and comment to offer your voice in our Healing Elements Community. I hope my words uplift your spirit while offering you tools and techniques to help you soar.

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