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Life is Like a Rubik's Cube - Discovering Your Inherent Perfection within Life's Messy Moments

Updated: Feb 7

Color Your World with Joy: Let go of perfectionism and embrace the unique shades and patterns that make you, you!

woman surrounded by puzzles
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Have you ever looked at yourself, a loved one, or the world at large and wondered how all this came to be?

The mysterious Rubik's Cube offers a fascinating analogy to understanding existence and finding peace in life.

Curious, isn't it? Keep reading and consider the Cube as an analogy to your life.

Today, while walking our rescue dog, my husband raised the analogy of the Rubik's Cube. The Rubik's Cube, in its original form, is one large cube made of smaller cubes, all lined up perfectly with the color squares of each smaller cube matching the side of the larger cube they are on.

Someone who doesn’t know the purpose of the game may receive a Rubik's Cube and set it down in a prominent place to look at its perfect symmetry and beautiful colors.

Since the Cube arrives whole and completely matched, there is nothing to do to “fix” it, change it, make it better, or improve upon it to this unknowing onlooker.

Yet, one day, that onlooker decides to pick the Cube up and investigate it further.

playing with a rubik's cube

During their investigation, their hand slips, a row on the Cube turns, and suddenly, the colors no longer appear to line up perfectly. Red is mixed with green, and the colors on the other sides no longer match either!

At this point, it is easy to put it back together again; simply turn it back the way it came by moving one single row.

The Rubik's Cube Reveals How Life Gets Messy

Yet the onlooker decides to take it a step further and mixes the green with yellow because this Cube is now kind of fascinating. And so it continues until all the colors are mixed, and the onlooker no longer remembers how to put it back together.

Have you ever had an experience where you didn't know how to "fix" it?

Now you see the Cube is still the same as it was when it was first removed from the box.

It has all the same materials and colors, just in a different pattern. The Cube is the same, yet to the observer, it appears different.

The different pattern of colors does not change the Cube itself; it is still whole and complete. Only a belief by the onlooker leads them to believe the Cube is no longer complete and perfect.

To one onlooker, it may be beautiful, and to another, it may appear to be completely messed up.

Yet, despite those two perspectives, it is still the same Cube.

Let's say the onlooker decides to try to put it back the way they found it.

I don’t know if you have ever played with a Rubik's Cube, but once the color cubes are mixed, it can take a lot of turns to put it back together so the colors once again match.

The interesting thing is that sometimes the Cube is manipulated in such a way that the colors begin matching, yet not completely. Then, the journey may be to mess the colors up again in order to restore them. It can seem like taking twenty steps back into chaos before moving forward into order.

Frankly, it can appear to be a messy process!

Two Paths to Understanding Life

The Rubik's Cube and its many appearances can be compared to the different phases of our lives.

When investigating life, existence, and discovering peace, there seem to be two paths humans take.

The Long Path

The first is the long path, where we try to return to the perfection we are by fixing everything that appears to be wrong with us, others, and the world. That is turning all the squares on the Cube until the colors line up again.

In that process, we encounter seeming obstacles where we mess everything up before regaining a sense of order.

We continue playing with the colors until, eventually, they line up again in our perception, and we feel complete.

The only problem with this path is that our tendency to get curious and play with the colors on the Cube is deeply ingrained, and even if we put the cube back together, eventually, we mix them up again until they no longer match.

It comes with being human.

The Short Path

The other path typically happens after you have watched yourself play with the Cube over and over and over again and recognize you are repeating the same patterns in your life, with slightly different circumstances.

This realization leads you to STOP!

To stop messing with things that do not need fixing.

You are actually already whole and complete, regardless of how your colors mix.

There is absolutely nothing to fix or change.

You are perfection itself in a unique display of colors.

There is no need to do anything but live your life in this awakened realization where you see yourself in all the amazing colors and patterns that show up to the rest of the world.

Your Inherent Perfection

We are all just color Cubes within Cubes dancing with life. And you, the onlooker, can observe and interact in that dance as peacefully as you choose.

Play with the Cube or simply revel in its inherent perfection.

It matters not.

The only problem that arises is when you suffer because you do not see the Cube as perfect and whole.

Be the open, curious onlooker who recognizes the amazing abilities you have received with all of your colors, shapes, and forms.

Life is a great gift, and you have an opportunity to enjoy every moment.

Do not suffer because you believe the Cube needs to be a certain way.

Embrace each Cube exactly as it is, recognizing that it is simply a Cube within a larger Cube, and watch the colorful play of life as you rest in the loving arms of peace.

In Loving Service,

Heather Indu Arena

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