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Liberating Joy Through the Power of Letting Go

drop of water releasing joyfully to the sea

(Click here to hear me read this to you.) 

There’s a message being broadcast to you right now, and it is not coming from your mind.  

It’s not coming from your past learning, upbringing, or belief system. 

That means it is free from every fearful, painful, and negative experience you have ever had. 

What is it saying? You may ask. 

I am free,  

I am healed,  

I am safe,  

I am loved, loving,  

I am love! 

What if you listened to only this message and not all the crazy musings of your mind? 

What if you let this simple message guide your life? 

I understand that it is not always easy to do so. I know that your thoughts tell you differently.  

So I say, start doubting your thoughts, not who you truly are. Unlearn the past by releasing those repetitive, ungracious, unhelpful, unenlightened thoughts and beliefs. 

It won’t happen overnight, and that’s okay.

You may have a spontaneous release, and 15 years later, the old pain may return to haunt you.  

But start letting go anyway!  

You will eventually recognize that the joy comes in from letting go, and letting go again, and letting go even once again. 

As you release the burdens in your life, their opposite, joy naturally arises. Release the old and leave room for something more, something better. 

Now, you may be ready to ask how. How do I release these burdens, these old past, repetitive, haunting memories?  

The answer is simple: it must be in order to defeat the complex web of thought systems the mind spins. Defeat complexity with its opposite, simplicity. 

Just observe. Don’t engage.

You have engaged those tormenting thoughts your whole life.  

Now, it is time to watch them arise and then watch them go.  

Nothing in this world is permanent, including those thoughts. You can let them go by simply witnessing them.  

Just as the morning fog dissolves in the light of the sun, these nagging thoughts telling you that you are anything but whole and free will dissipate as you shine the brilliant light of your own pure awareness on them.  

The joy arises as you repeat this process again and again.  

You will no longer be frustrated when these old thoughts in the form of new cloud patterns cross through the open sky of your awareness because you will have recognized yourself as the spacious sky instead of the clouds. 

Let’s try it together right now. 

After taking a deep breath in, breathe out fully and feel yourself release what your body no longer needs as all the carbon dioxide is expelled from your lungs. 

Now pause... 

Feel the emptiness, not with fear but with the joy of release. 

Now breathe in fully and feel fresh oxygen filling every cell, feel fresh energy filling your being. 

Now pause once again... 

Feel the joy of being filled full. 

Feel the fulfillment so that as the next exhalation happens, there is no longer fear of being empty but the promise of being filled once again. Knowing that as you let go, you create space for something new to fill you. 

Those pauses are the sweet spot, the center of the opposites of breathing in and out. The steady spaciousness in which all possibilities are born. 

The more you learn to rest in the pause as the observer of the taking in and letting go, the more you recognize you can receive and release anything in your life while remaining free. 

That is the essence of unconditional love. 


Now, say it with me once again and recognize it for yourself. 

I am free,  

I am healed,  

I am safe,  

I am loved, loving,  

I am love! 

Be that which you seek, recognize you already are IT! 

In Loving Service, 

Heather Indu Arena 

I’m here to support you. Visit to learn how. 

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